How to Apply Base Makeup Like a Professional in 4 Easy Steps

Hello ladies, today I am sharing a fabulous video tutorial on wearing the 'base makeup like a pro step by step' to achieve a f...

How to Wear Makeup video tutorial

Hello ladies, today I am sharing a fabulous video tutorial on wearing the 'base makeup like a pro step by step' to achieve a flawless natural look. The tutorial mainly emphasizes on how to get a perfect base makeup. When it comes to base makeup, the key is skincare.

I figuratively cannot stress how important skincare is before you apply the foundation. There are various steps you do before applying your foundation or concealer which play a huge part in the way your makeup sits onto your face. Check out the complete video tutorial below.

Achieving a flawless look depends on hugely how your skin is prepped and ready to go before you apply foundation or concealer. Before we actually start on the foundation or concealer part the one thing that I would like to stress you all; if you are struggling with getting a perfect base you should totally work on your skincare routine.

Step1- Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Moisturize

Cleansing and exfoliating play a vital role to achieve a nice makeover by providing the makeup base a good ground to settle in. The point is to make cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing a part of your routine if you are really looking forward to flawless look without caking. A good practice is to follow 'cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine' daily or at least every two days. One more thing, when you are moisturizing your skin make sure to let it sit on your skin for at least five minutes to get soft skin and avoid slipperiness.  

Step2 -Wear your Favorite Primer

The next step is applying the primer onto your skin, wear your favorite primer and gently massage it until it gets a little tacky. If you are using a light primer then you should go with a heavier moisturizer to make sure the skin is nice and well moisturized.

Step3- Highlight and Conceal the Areas on Your Skin

The next step is to go for the actual base makeup. Normally the concealers are applied after wearing the foundation. But, there is no strict rule to it, you can alternatively wear a concealer first to hide the imperfections on the skin first. Always make sure to choose the product that suits your skin type and lasts longer on your face. If you are having trouble with selecting the right foundation for your skin you can check out this post on selecting the right foundation. Another advantage of going first with the concealer is that you would need less amount of product (foundation) on your face giving you a lighter and more natural look. Highlight and conceal the usual areas on your face: underneath the eyes, on the forehead to the bridge of your nose, around the mouth and chin. Blend the highlighted areas with the beauty blender.

Step4- Apply the Makeup Foundation

The final step is applying the makeup foundation; select the foundation according to your skin condition, the coverage and finishing you want. Now, put the foundation on the back of your hand and use the beauty blender to apply the foundation on the areas with no concealer on it, and gradually blend it above the concealer area. You can always use more foundation to achieve the desired coverage and finishing. After blending all the liquid products on your face go for the setting powder to fix the uneven areas on your skin.

Another thing that you should consider is using an actual makeup remover to clean the makeup after you're done with it. If you keep healthy skin then you would most likely have great makeup. I prefer using Garnier Micellar water to remove the makeup and it works wonder for me.

I hope you would love this amazing video tutorial, stay tuned to my blog for more amazing makeup tutorials and reviews and do not forget to share it.

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