Lacto Calamine Lotion Review, Uses & Benefits

Lacto Calamine is one of the brands that needs no introduction. It is something that we have seen through past few generations. It was l...

Lacto Calamine Lotion Review, Uses & Benefits

Lacto Calamine is one of the brands that needs no introduction. It is something that we have seen through past few generations. It was launched by Piramal Healthcare, a leading Pharmaceutical company in health and skincare regime. The name Lacto Calamine sounds a bit different as compared to other lotions because it is named after its ingredients. Lacto means milky, and Calamine is a mixture of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Carbonate, so next time when you are going to hear its name, you are going to perceive it differently.

Lacto Calamine claims it is a complete skin treatment which provides deep nourishment, removes dead skin and blemishes, treats acne and breakouts, and improves the overall quality of the skin. These claims made me curious to know the magic ingredients that are added to the lotion. Lacto Calamine is a sort of skincare co-medicated lotion, so I am going to start with its ingredients first, it will help you to understand the way it works for all skin types.


Lacto Calamine is made up of simple ingredients. Most of these ingredients are found in our homes or other sunscreen lotions. It contains:


Aqua means water, it is a must component in every skincare product. Firstly it is used to combine all the ingredients to get a smooth texture and secondly it helps in hydrating our skin layers.


It is an active component in every skin care product. It is widely found in facial products like face cleansers, face masks, etc. It is also found in face powder cakes and foundations, as it helps in maintaining the consistency and thickness, and gives a nice finished covering. Kaolin also improves blood circulation and ensures proper absorption of other ingredients. It maintains oil and moisture level in the skin and thus controls unwanted greasiness.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has some of the amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is very thick in consistency plus its a blessing for dry skin. It is included in the lotion to nourish skin, fights signs of aging, and reduces pigmentation and blemishes. Some skin specialists consider it as comedogenic, so if you have adult acne or cystic one, try to avoid those products that have castor oil in their ingredients.


Glycerin is a natural skin toner, one of the primary reason for its use in treating cracked heels. It is blessed with numerous wonderful skin benefits. It softens skin layers and adds natural shine. You would be amazed to know that, glycerin is also used to unclog pores, remove blackheads, fight wrinkles and lighten skin tone. However, one thing, I want to explain about glycerin first, it is also comedogenic i.e. it clogs pore and aggravates acne.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is mostly used in sunscreens to protect skin from sunlight and photo-induced aging. Zinc Oxide is known to slow down the aging process and improves skin elasticity, which results in less visible wrinkles and fine line. It is also used for treating many skin conditions like acne, eczema, cold sore, and also soothes skin irritation.

Zinc Carbonate

Zinc Carbonate is a mild astringent. It helps in contracting skin tissues, which make the pores appear less visible. Large pores are the main reason for oily and greasy skin; so technically; it also helps in maintaining a good oil balance of your skin.


In cosmetics and skin care products, many disparate items such as essential oils and water are used. It is really hard to make these ingredients stay together, so basically emulsifiers’ helps in making all the ingredients stay together.


Preservatives are used to increase the shelf life of products and protect it against decay.


For adding fragrance in the lotion.

Permitted Colors

Permitted colors are the ingredients which do not harm the skin. These colors are used for adding pigmentation to the lotion.

Lacto Calamine Lotion Review

Lacto Calamine Lotion oil control formula
Lacto calamine lotion is available in three different size packaging i.e. 30ml, 60ml and 120ml. You can choose the smaller one if you are trying it for the very first time. It comes in a white bottle with a green or purple cap on it. The purple one is for oily skin beauties and green (picture in uses section) is for ones, who have dry and dull skin.

Lacto Calamine wide open bottle

Lacto Calamine Lotion bottle

I have normal to oily skin, so I bought Lacto Calamine oil control formula for myself. I do not like its packaging because there is no proper pump from where you can take the lotion in a small amount. It is a wide-open mouthed bottle, and you need to be careful while taking some of it in your hands. Some people have a habit of putting the excessive lotions or cream back in the bottle, which is very unhygienic. So I would recommend you to be careful while taking out the product on hand, and if you mistakenly take out excessive amount then just wash it off as it gets contaminated with the germs and bacteria present in your hand and your surroundings.

Okay now coming towards the lotion!

Lacto Calamine Lotion swatch

Lacto Calamine lotion has a very thin consistency, and you will find the lotion a bit runny. A small amount of lotion is enough to cover the entire face. Lacto Calamine has pigmentation in it and due to tint, it gives coverage to uneven skin tone and unwanted spots.

Lacto Calamine Lotion texture

Lacto Calamine Lotion skin test

I love this lotion just because of the texture and tint. Whenever I have to rush out, or I do not have enough time for applying proper foundation, I just take few drops of Lacto Calamine and mix it with my daily sunscreen, before applying it to my skin. There are two main reasons for mixing the lotion with sunscreen. First reason is, if you wear the lotion directly on your skin, it may look dry or scaly. Secondly, there is no proper SPF mentioned on the bottle, so for a safe side, I add this on my own.

17 Skin Care Uses & Benefits of Lacto Calamine

Lacto Calamine Lotion benefits

Lacto Calamine is the first lotion that offers so many skin benefits and treats a broad range of skin problems. Some of its commonly observed skin care benefits are as follows:

  1. Lacto Calamine is a daily nourishing formula which is enriched with the power of Kaolin and Aloe Vera making it very effective for dry skin. It moisturizes skin layers and keeps the skin hydrated. Whereas, Lacto Calamine oil control formula is effective for oily skin. It has the power of kaolin and glycerin. It controls the oil production of sebaceous glands and gives a matte look. So, if you have medium to oily skin, then oil control formula would be the best choice.
  2. Due to the presence of kaolin, it is deeply absorbed in the skin. It works as a light foundation and gives proper coverage to the uneven skin areas. You can use it as a foundation in daily routine.
  3. Lacto Calamine improves skin appearance. After the first application, you will feel your skin is visibly more fresh and smooth than before.
  4. Calamine contains zinc oxide, which provides protection against sunlight and UV rays. It cures sunburns and helps in skin rejuvenation. So you can use it as a sunblock as well.
  5. Zinc Carbonate in the lotion works as an astringent. Zinc Carbonate combats the germs and bacteria which causes acne, breakouts, and skin allergies. It also shrinks open pores to control excessive oil production from the skin.
  6. Aloe Vera and glycerin in the lotion helps in removing the dead skin layers. Lacto calamine helps in exfoliation and rejuvenation process. You can also try Lacto Calamine on your feet after giving them a nice foot bath.
  7. Lacto calamine daily nourishing formula helps in restoring the natural moisture level in the skin. It prevents the skin from damage, and fine lines caused due to lack of moisture.

  8. All the ingredients are discussed earlier in the post. We can see that no harmful chemicals are introduced in the lotion. Simple ingredients are used, which makes it a perfect lotion for daily use.
  9. Insect bites are very painful and itching. It causes redness and soreness. If you have Lacto Calamine than you do not need to worry about mosquito or bug bite. It also works as an insect repellent and soothes irritating skin.
  10. Calamine is very effective for pimples and zits. Zinc oxide in the lotion soothes the redness and provides relief to the affected area. Few applications are required for complete recovery.
  11. The only thing which is not famous about Lacto Calamine, it is a very effective anti-ageing cream. Glycerin and castor oil helps in fighting all the visible signs of aging.
  12. Lacto Calamine can be used as both Day and Night Cream. During day time, its SPF protects from the damaging UV rays while at night, it improves the skin elasticity and helps in the production of new skin cells.
  13. Blackheads give us really tough time. It is not that easy to get rid of them as it looks. Regular use of Lacto Calamine lotion solves this problem quickly. Kaolin and zinc carbonate works together to get them out easily. It also shrinks the pores, less visible pores means less possibility for blackheads. You can also try some of my personal favorite hacks for blackheads here.
  14. Lacto Calamine controls excessive oil and sweat production on the face. If you apply this in the morning, it can give you a matte finished look for the whole day.
  15. It helps in maintaining the pH level of skin which is essential for problem free skin.
  16. Daily use can improve the skin texture and gives it a healthy glow.
  17. It is very helpful for those, who do not have time for proper foundation coverage or complete makeup. Just a few drops of lotion combined with your regular sunscreen lotion can give perfect coverage and matt finished look in a few seconds.        

Bottom line

As a daily lotion, it is a good product but for those who have acne-prone or sensitive skin, I would recommend testing this lotion first on some areas of skin. If the lotion suits you, you can continue using it further, or in another case, just hop to other sensitive skin lotion.

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