Kryolan TV Paint Stick Review, Swatches & Dupes

Krylon TV paints sticks have been around for ages. They come in a number of shades suitable for a variety of skin tones and are perhaps ...

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Review

Krylon TV paints sticks have been around for ages. They come in a number of shades suitable for a variety of skin tones and are perhaps some of the most delicate full coverage foundation in the market currently. The tubes are not expensive at all, and even if you are a daily makeup wearer, they will last you about or even more than a year.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Shades

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Shades

You can find Krylon TV paints sticks being used for party makeup, photo shoots, and everyday use as well. Although Krylon has over 250 shades online, it is quite hard to match a single shade, and in most cases, you will have to mix two or more shades to get the right colour for your skin.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Even though Krylon has 250 shades online, they mostly only carry about twenty in the store which can make finding your match even harder. The shade I am using is FS 28 that is quite similar to NC-40 shade in Mac foundations.

My Review on Kryolan TV Paint Stick

The Krylon TV paints sticks are medium to full coverage foundation and are pretty long lasting. Due to their watery finish, they may not be suitable for every skin type. However, you must give them a try if you have been looking for a reliable long lasting foundation that won’t break the bank.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Swatch

The foundation is so full coverage that you only need the tiniest amount for adequate coverage, and it is best, or at least I prefer, to use a beauty blender or makeup sponge instead a makeup brush to avoid streaking. However, if you prefer applying the foundation with a makeup brush make sure to apply it with a flat brush and not a round one. Nevertheless, no matter what brush I use, I am always left with a streaky base or with my pores showing too much and not enough coverage.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Swatch Texture

With the makeup sponge, the foundation is allowed to sink in much better, and the excess product is lifted off, leaving you with an even layer. Yet the foundation is not a perfect one, for an oily or dry skin. No matter what skin type you have, you will need to powder it to get rid of its watery finish. For oilier skin types, reapplying the powder every few hours is a must, and for drier skin types, you must use a heavy moisturiser underneath.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Swatch Finishing

Another thing that you should consider is using a good makeup remover to clean such heavy foundations. I would recommend using Garnier Micellar Water to remove stubborn makeup to avoid acne breakouts.


Krylon’s selling point for the paint sticks is really just that they are heavy coverage sticks at an affordable rate. A few other notable pros of the sticks are that for most people, there is no need to use a concealer with it as it is so full coverage, and it is also quite a multipurpose choice. The long-lasting power of this foundation stick is one of its best qualities. Another good thing about this foundation is that it does not oxidise at all. You might need a few retouches, but this thing does not make you look darker or orange at all.


It can get a little cakey, especially with the reapplications of the powder and its thickness may cause you to breakout. Krylon has been a brand I love for a long time, but these sticks are ones I will reach out for next time only if I need something with such a full coverage. Finding the colour match is one of the biggest issues with these foundation sticks you might need to mix up a few shades to get the desired results.

What Else?

For all my full face of makeup girls out there, this is definitely something you should consider, especially if you are on a budget. Also, don’t forget that Krylon has some colour correcting shades in the range as well. The heavy cream foundation can be used for contouring and highlighting as well. Moreover, the colour correcting shades can be used for, well, colour correcting.

I won’t talk too much about the colour correctors in the range, that is a topic for another day, but just to touch on the topic here’s a little information on the colour correctors. The range has a number of red-orange colours (to name a few, 079, 080 and Mandarin) that are best used to cover darker spots under the foundation and it also helps the foundation from not looking grey on your skin. The blues and greens (to name a few, blue 10, 510, and green 42) are great for women with paler skin tones that may have a little too much of redness going on. Their heaviness allows you to cover a good amount with a little bit of product and I would say, the corrector shades are suitable for anyone. Moreover, you can use them for cool Halloween makeup too!

How to Use It without Caking Your Skin?

  1. I would prefer prepping the skin first with a good quality moisturiser first. 
  2. Use a very thin layer of primer on your skin first because it is quite heavy coverage foundation. You can also skip the primer if you do not feel like it. 
  3. Apply the product on the centre of your cheeks and forehead and use the beautyblender in circular motions to evenly blend it on the skin. 
  4. Now, use a lightweight setting powder to set the product.

Krylon TV Paint Sticks Dupes 

Now, if you want to try a couple of other foundations that are similar to the paint sticks, here’s your list. I have not been able to find anything exactly like it, but these are pretty similar.

Estee Lauder Double Wear – A massive range of shades, best for oilier skin; however it is a higher end foundation so you may not want to spend so much.

Maybelline Fit Me – A beautiful range of drugstore makeup that suits oily and dry skin, and is at a reasonable price point. Cons for this one are just that it does not have that big of a shade range, and it is not as full coverage, read its complete review here.

Max Factor Paint Stick – Although discontinued, it is the closest you can get to buy the Krylon TV paint stick without actually buying it. You may be able to find a few on Amazon, or if you already have one, well, it is a perfect replacement for Krylon.

Cover FX – A brand with different forms of lovely foundations. They are just like Krylon, but better. The price is a little higher but, definitely worth investing in if you want a flawless base and total control on how your makeup looks.


I only ever see myself using them for a few hours, if I have a party to go to or somewhat of a special event. For me, I would not use this every day, it is just way too thick, and on most days, I prefer keeping it to the natural side. Plus it does not go pretty well with oily or combination skin types so that I would rate Krylon TV Pain Stick 6 out of 10.

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