Maybelline Fit Me Luminous & Smooth Foundation Review, Dupes & Swatches

Lightweight, luminous, luscious and lustrous shades from Maybelline Fit Me Luminous and Smooth (Normal to Dry) Foundation formulated ...

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review & Swatches

Lightweight, luminous, luscious and lustrous shades from Maybelline Fit Me Luminous and Smooth (Normal to Dry) Foundation formulated with a strong but soft touch of SPF 18. Concentrated with 5D pigment technology, Maybelline presents its all new series of swatches in luxurious and voluptuous shades for women drenched in colors. Smudge-free, fuss-free, non-greasy, and ultra-light texture confined with the all-natural formula for flawless and perfect looking skin. The foundation is enriched with translucent base and light-diminishing weightless pigments that glide seamlessly and blend superbly with all-types-of skin textures. Available in 16 unmatched shades with scientifically advanced 5D technology makes Maybelline Fit Me an impeccable and kissable foundation for high-definition results.

The Ingredients


My Review on Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Honestly, my experience with this foundation has been bittersweet like sometimes I was awe struck by its end results but sometimes; I had to chew my teeth if it dragged me towards any undecided situation. Though I’ve been using Maybelline Fit Me Foundation for a month and in this period I have had some very cheesy and chalky experiences that I’ll be sharing further in this review.

Maybelline Fit Me Luminous and Smooth Foundation Bottle

Starting with the packaging, I must confess that the foundation comes in a sleek, stylish and sexy glass bottle. Very compact and travel-friendly and that really pushes me to carry this foundation everywhere I go. It is super-easy to carry and handle but when it comes to the application; it is not very easy to apply. Since the bottle comes with a screw cap (instead of pump-top), I believe it is a minor drawback that might cause the over-spilling of the product.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation dispenser

From the collection of unique shades from Maybelline Fit Me Luminous & Smooth Foundation, I personally chose the shade 225. It is a slightly dark and high-definition shade that I found to be the closest match with my skin. If you’ve tried the shades (NC 41-42) from Mac, I definitely recommend you to try this one.

Maybelline fit me 225 shade bottle

Since Maybelline offers an assortment of shades in its swatches, you can also choose from a collection of high-end powders, primers, and concealers to compliment your foundation and achieve the right coverage.

After wearing this product for 1 month, there were only two reasons that kept me pushing to wear this foundation over and over again. First was its excellent shade range and Second, was its gentle gel-based formula that actually tarnished my poor perception about gel-based foundations (L'Oreal True Match foundation disaster). Though I was leaned down towards its gorgeous shades range but its gel-based formula, Wow! I must say it is not only feather-light but super-charged with volumizing particles. Moreover, what I should say about the texture, well instead of clogging, it concealed all the blemishes, pores and facial flaws in my skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Gel Form

Since Maybelline Fit Me contains a gel-based formula, the chances are certain that foundation may lose its coverage due to its water based content. To avoid the foundation from dripping, try setting it with facepowder to achieve the right consistency before applying the product. Women having oily skin should not try this foundation as its gel-based content might not stay longer on your skin.

Testing The Texture of Fit Me Foundation

Considering about the SPF content, the product claims to have broad spectrum SPF 18. No doubt the foundation offers an emollient-rich and luminous finish but when it comes to the set-back, the SPF content reflects an unattractive and ghoulish white cast that is easily apparent in digital and flash photography.

Maybellin fit me swatch

Personally, I do like its super buildable coverage that is light-to-medium, a perfect blend for my uneven skin. Plus! The foundation provides a soft-focus effect with a light-illuminating finish that conceals all the blemishes and minor flaws in my imperfect skin.

Coverage & Finishing of Maybellin Fit Me Foundation 225

What I dislike about the product is the addition of “parabens” in its formula. It is a certain type of chemical preservative usually found in cosmetic products but merely known for its side effects when exposed to sensitive skin.

Pros of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

•    Non-greasy and wax-free gel based formula for light and dry skin.
•    Weightless and feather-light texture gives a cushiony coverage.
•    Available in an assortment of remarkable shade range.
•    Provides illuminating light-to-medium coverage.
•    Provides coverage of broad spectrum SPF 18.
•    Comes in a compact and classy packaging.
•    Easy-to-carry and easy-to-apply.
•   A budget friendly foundation with promising results.

Cons of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

•    Contains Parabens and added preservatives.
•    Comes without a pump-top that causes wastage and over-spilling of product.
•    SPF content reflects an unattractive and ghoulish white cast in flash photography.
•    Does not settle comfortably with oily skin; requires face powder to achieve the right consistency.


You can buy this foundation in Rs. 1,100 ($11). This foundation is also available online at a very good price on Amazon.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Dupes

The Nars Sheet glow foundation and MAC Studio Fix foundation are not 100% dupes for the Fit Me foundation here are some differences you might need to go through first before making your mind:

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation swatch

  • Nars Sheer Glow foundation is quite an expensive foundation costing around $45 in most of the online stores whereas you can easily purchase the Fit me foundation in $12. So it is not really the budget friendly foundation.
  • The lasting power of NARS is better than Maybelline if you are using it with pressed powder. Sheer glow can easily withstand eight hours in hot and humid conditions without breaking out.
  • NARS sheer glow is superb for almost all the skin types, but you might need to wear the primer first whereas Maybelline might not work very well with over-dry skins.
  • Both the foundations are liquid based and do not offer a pump dispenser. 
  • A primer is usually advised to avoid cakey finish especially with NARS sheer glow, but you might not need the primer with Maybelline for a perfect finishing.
  • The sheer glow does not blend easily, and you might need to consider a primer first, but Fit me foundation can be easily blended with fingers.
  • Nars sheer glow foundation is thinner than the Maybelline. For a volumizing effect, you would need a brush to blend it properly on your skin.
  • The sheer glow comes with undertones more like golden peachy whereas Fit me does not have any undertone to it.
  • You can also read the complete review on NARS Sheer Glow foundation here.

MAC Studio Fix foundation

Mac studio fix foundation

  • Studio fix is good for medium to full coverage while Maybelline is good for light to medium coverage.
  • Maybelline may not be able to cover the skin pigmentation but MAC Studio can cover the pigmentation with its slightly orange tinge.
  • Maybelline offers more of a luminous finish whereas the Studio fix provides a matte finish that’s good for natural makeup lovers. 
  • Both of them are liquid foundation but Maybelline is slightly thinner than the Mac Studio fix.
  • Studio Fix and Fit me foundation offer the SPF sunscreen protection but Fit me can be an absolute disaster in flash photography and might end up making your face whitish in the photos.
  • Both the foundations are easily blendable on skin.
  • The smell of studio fix can be annoying at times.
  • The coverage of Maybelline is better than Studio fix.
  • Maybelline is budget friendly while Studio Fix is more of a luxury foundation.
  • The staying power of Studio Fix is way better than Maybelline fit me foundation
  • You can also read the complete review on MAC Studio fix foundation here.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

your skin but better CC Cream

IT Cosmetics' Your Skin but better is also a good alternative to Fit Me foundation but if you have oily or combination skin type you should totally avoid it. I have published a complete review on IT Cosmetics CC Cream here.


It is an affordable, blendable and wonderful product for your dearly investment. If you are willing to spend your money on it, go for it. In case you’re having a hard time finding the right shade for your skin, I recommend you to browse the collection of Maybelline True Match. I bet you’ll be Awe struck to find the endless collection of bolder shades for your skin. I personally rate this foundation 7 out of 10.

Affable Advice 

Use your fingers to apply the first coat of foundation and feel the feather-light texture soaking inside your skin.

Stay tuned for more foundation reviews from different brands :) I hope you would like this review and share your thoughts on this one.

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