5 Secret Makeup Cleaning Hacks You Never Knew Before

Hello, everyone, it has been a while since I posted any makeup hacks from my secret Pandora box. I have been really busy with my life no...

5 Secret Makeup Cleaning Hacks

Hello, everyone, it has been a while since I posted any makeup hacks from my secret Pandora box. I have been really busy with my life nowadays and not finding enough time for my blog. In this post, I am going to share a few makeup cleaning hacks that I learned from a makeup artist. Let’s have a look at these hacks below:

1- Clean You Makeup Sponges Regularly

One of the biggest reason behind the acne breakout is the unhygienic condition of the makeup sponge. Ladies try many foundations to test if it is working well for their acne prone skin, but they ignore the other important aspect of cleaning makeup tools regularly. So, ladies do not forget to clean your makeup sponges regularly. Soak the makeup sponge in the liquid soap for a few minutes and squeeze all the dirty leftover to clean it thoroughly.

2- Use Alcohol to Clean Nail Tools

Do not ignore metal nail tools, clean them regularly with alcohol and cotton swab to sterilize it. The condition of your nail is largely based on the hygiene of filing and cutting tools.

3- Clean your Makeup Brush after Every Single Use

Ladies do not pay much attention to cleaning makeup brushes regularly but wait it is not just about being regular you need to clean all your makeup brushes after every single use. You can use an antibacterial soap or a good makeup remover to do this job especially when you’re using stubborn makeup foundations like Revlon Colorstay or MUFE HD foundation.

I have published quite a few reviews on different makeup foundations and highlighted the ones with better lasting power. Any makeup foundation that lasts longer on your skin is also a stubborn one to remove from your skin and makes the makeup brushes tacky. So ladies wash your makeup brushes regularly after using them to avoid skin infections and acne breakouts. I use Garnier Micellar water to clean my makeup brush set, it is a pretty good makeup remover with disinfecting properties.

4- Do not forget to Disinfect your Eyeshadow Palette   

It might sound a little weird to you, but you can actually do it. First, use tissue paper to clean the top layer of eyeshadow and then spray a very little amount of rubbing alcohol on another tissue paper and quickly clean the top layer again with a very little pressure. Give it a few minutes to completely dry out.

5- Change your Mascara within a few Months

If you are a makeup artist and doing makeup for a lot of people, I would recommend changing it regularly within a few weeks to avoid eye infections. But if you are using it for your own self then you should probably think about changing it within a few months to keep your eyes away from any disease.

I will share more hacks makeup cleansing later on in my new post, hope you ladies would love all these tips :) So stay connected and do not forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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