15 Foundation Tips from Makeup Artists

One of the important thing actually defines your makeup is the makeup foundation and if your foundation isn’t right, the rest of your ma...

Foundation Tips from Makeup Artists

One of the important thing actually defines your makeup is the makeup foundation and if your foundation isn’t right, the rest of your makeup isn’t going to look right either. Here are 15 tips from professional makeup artists to make your makeup look flawless!

1. Don’t Match Shades with your Hands

A lot of women struggle with this. The color of the skin on your hands may be hugely different to your face. IF you swatch foundations based on that, you’re most likely going to end up with something that really isn’t the perfect match. Same goes for using your face. Don’t swatch foundations on you face either. Instead, use your neck. The shade that matches the color of your neck will be the perfect shade for you. And it will save you a lot of time and product trying to get you neck and face the same color after you’ve picked the wrong foundation.

2. Mix in moisturizer with your foundation

Yes, we all love a matte full coverage look but if you’re looking for an everyday, youthful makeup routine, mix in a little bit of moisturizer with your foundation. Not only will this make your foundation go on much more smoothly, it will leave your skin glowing while also providing you a good amount of coverage. This trick works great with foundations like Revlon Colorstay and Mac Pro Longwear, going matte is not always the best choice.

3. Use a Powder Brush instead of a Puff

This one’s for an everyday look as well. If you use a puff for a powder foundation, you’ll be packing the product on too heavily and it will look cakey and cling on to the pores and dry patches. Use a powder bush instead. Be generous with the amount of product you pick up and swirl the brush gently on your face. You’ll get an even amount of coverage and a velvety feel!

4. Too Much Foundation

If you’re having trouble with you foundation sitting right, look the amount you’re using. Makeup artist never use three or four pumps of full coverage foundation on anyone. A pump of foundation is usually enough for your everyday makeup. It makes you look fresh, not plastic and allows your skin to breathe.

5. Don’t use Foundation where  you’ll put on Concealer

There really is no point in layering concealer over foundation. All you’ll be doing is putting on another layer of makeup which we all want to avoid. The less layers, the better. Put foundation where you need foundation and concealer where you need concealer.

6. Cover up Acne Easily

If you have acne and are wondering how you’ll ever be able to hide it with just one pump of foundation, well, that’s why you have a powder foundation. Instead of using a translucent powder to set your foundation, use a powder foundation like NARS All Day Luminous. This will give you enough coverage without adding too many layers or wasting product.

7. Blotting Paper

If you get oily during the day and use a powder to set your foundation in place, you’re doing it so wrong, girl! Putting on more product is just going to clog your pores and make the powder you’ve just applied sit on top of your skin. Instead, use some blotting paper. Or for an inexpensive option, toilet paper. Separate the 2 plies of the toilet paper and press that wherever you have oil building up. After it’s sucked all the oil in, gently powder.

8. Don’t use Powder for Touch Ups

This one’s for my dry skin ladies. If you use powder for touch ups, it’s going to set into those fine lines and dry patches and make your makeup look terrible! For a better option, use a big, dry kabuki brush and just swirl it wherever you see any trouble. Just the brush, no powder. You will be dusting off any excess product and setting your makeup without applying yet another layer.

9. Use your Hands

You don’t always have to use a brush for foundation. If you’re running late, or want a softer look, use your hands instead. Brushes can sometimes leave streaky marks on your face especially if you’re using foundation freely. Instead you can apply foundation with your hands and then just tap it in, like the Koreans do. Now you don’t have to wonder why their skin looks so supple all the time.

10. Use Highlighter under Foundation

We all love that glow, but stronger highlights can really overpower everything else going on and make you look like you’re attempting drag makeup. Not that there’s anything wrong with drag makeup but I think it’s safe to say that most of us don’t want to look like a drag queen on weekdays. Weekends, however, are a different story. Use a highlighter or illuminator after your moisturizer, before your foundation to make your skin look healthier than ever!

11. Foundation's Consistency makes all the Difference

Don’t just pick up any foundation that matches your skin color, pick one that will give you the finish you want. Powder foundations will most likely make your skin look matte, and velvety. Use a bb cream, tinted moisturizer if you just want sheer coverage. Go with liquid if you’re looking for more of a day and night time look.

12. Applying Foundation from the Center

Usually, this is the area that needs the most coverage. By starting at the center, you can get away with using a tiny amount of foundation and avoid your face looking too different from your ears and neck.

13. Blend. Blend. Blend. 

Before you move on to applying other products, make sure you’ve blended your foundation so that there aren’t any strong lies, or streaks on your face. Make sure to take your foundation down to your neck and ears so you have everything looking even and not as if you have a mask on.

14. Replace Concealer

If you don’t want to use a high coverage concealer someday or you’ve run out, you can totally switch it with foundation. Just put a small dot of liquid foundation on the spot that you want to conceal, let it sit for a few seconds and dab it in. You should get the same results as you would when using concealer but only a lighter feel. It won’t feel as heavy or like again, another layer.

15. Foundation instead of Contour

The great thing about foundation is that there are so many ways to use it. If you’re looking for a lighter makeup, but still want to contour and give your face a little bit of a temporary lift, use foundation a few shades darker than your actual skin tone. This will avoid your makeup from looking muddy and you never have to worry about problems with blending.

16. Use Micellar Water To Remove Makeup

Yes, that's important always use a good quality makeup remover to remove all that gunk from your skin pores. I would recommend using Garnier Micellar water for this job. The better you clean it the better you would look.

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