Beauty and makeup tips for dark skin tone.

Dark Skin Almost every person, whether we talk about girls or boys, are now much more concerned about their complexion and skin tone...

Dark Skin

Almost every person, whether we talk about girls or boys, are now much more concerned about their complexion and skin tone, which is a side effect of aggressive marketing of fairness creams. Most of the people having darker complexion have a complex of inferiority from people with fair skin. Whenever they are at any institution, work, public place or event, they feel themselves quiet awkward and uncomfortable. 

Benefits of dark skin

People around us also have a perception that fair skin is better than dark ones, but, they are totally wrong. I personally believe that, whatever your skin tone is, if it is perfectly managed and groomed, it can add a really positive effect to your overall personality, and its not what I believe, worlds top most makeup artiest and fashion designers also prefer dark skin tones as they are more attractive and carry any thing easily on their skin and body. 

Dark skinned people are naturally gifted with gorgeous and alluring personality, and it needs a little bit of time and effort to carve it out. A little patience, confidence and workout can do wonders. Following few things should always be kept in mind:

  • Always be confident.
  • Work on your gesture and posture, as it matters a lot.
  • Work on your skin, healthy and glowing skin is more important.
  • Love yourself and the way you are.
  • Inner beauty is more important as it is the only thing which works in the end.
  • Rome was not built in a day, so be patient and consistent.
  • Always be happy and keep smiling, it will naturally reflect from your complexion and overall personality. 


Makeup tips for dark skin

One thing which all of us should always keep in our minds is that,

"Makeup doesn't make anyone beautiful, it just enhances the beauty." 
- Farheen Salman

Which means that you don't need to put a lot of makeup, using the right colors and textures can help you out. Dark skin has a great amount pigment in itself so it has a tendency to adsorb most of the shades and colors in it. I am going to discuss every part of the makeup individually so that it will be easy for you to understand.


If your skin is dry and the weather is cool as it is now a days, you can go for liquid foundation, otherwise dry one will be perfect for you. Choosing a foundation is a bit tricky and important part as your overall makeup depends on it. If the foundation is not according to your skin tone it can do hazards and destroy complete you.

Best tip for choosing your foundation is to select one which is of same skin tone or half shades lighter than your skin tone. It will be good if you use both the light and dark shades together. Lighter one can be used to enhance the forehead, nose and cheeks area while rest of the face can be covered with the darker one. If you are using a single dark one than, you can finish it with powder on the rest of the portion. Always check the shade during day time before buying it. Dark skin tones mostly glow with peach and orange shades, yellowish or dark color foundations.


Dark circles under the eye gives a very unhealthy and tired feeling. They need to be covered with a nice concealer. Use a reddish or orange tone concealer first for this purpose, this will neutralize the darker color and than a beige or ivory shade for making it look lighter.
Eye makeup:

Eyes, I guess is the most prominent facial feature. You can use them to enhance your facial beauty. For eyebrows, use a brown shade to make it look fuller. One and the most important thing is that silvers are not made for darker skins, they just give a messy effect on the face. Use glitters and shimmers of golden and bronze shades for eye lid. You can also use charcoal grey metallic shadow for smoky look. Navy blue and coffee also looks beautiful with it.


As I have mentioned earlier, pink and orange shades make the skin glow and look fresh. You can use Rose pink and fresh orange color highlight your cheeks area. You can also use a brown or bronze color to give your cheeks a contrasting and glamorous look. For a dramatic look, use the lighter one, with an angular brush and blend it towards the hairline.

Lip color:

At last ! lips and eyes are the two main features which speaks out. Your can't focus on both the features together while doing makeup, as if both are heavily done, you will have a very freaky and overly done look. So, if  your have planned to give a smoky eye look than your lip color should be very light, otherwise you can easily go for darker ones.If you don't need full lips you can easily use neutral lip liner. Burgundy, wine, red, brown and plum looks perfect on the lips.
Burgundy, wine, brown, red, plum is worked well on them - See more at:

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