How to Keep your Makeup Clean

We usually take care that whatever we eat, drink, or wear is clean and free of germs in other words is hygienic. We prefer not to eat...

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We usually take care that whatever we eat, drink, or wear is clean and free of germs in other words is hygienic. We prefer not to eat or even touch the expired products in our food or medicines. So how can we think to use an unclean brush in our makeup accessories or how can we think to use an expired product in our makeup kit? 

there are certain measure that we should take to keep our makeup kit clean of all the germs and to apply makeup in a way that instead of making you beautiful for sometimes its making you ugly for the rest of your life. 

A lot of the beauty freaks who want all those trendy and glamorous makeup kits first on their dressing just to feel satisfied they have it without even using them. What they need to take care of is before using any product they should think twice before holding on to their old makeup.

keep makeup accessories clean

A. Your makeup is your product Only:

One very important thing that is to be cared is not to share your makeup, not even with you blood relatives. Your best friend to whom you love the most asks to share your makeup your answer should be a straight no because this way you are helping her and yourself too.
Avoid using store testers too because you don’t know how many people before you have used them. To check how much clean they are stand and observe in the store the next time you go there and you’ll know how people use these kits and how badly your skin can get damaged by using them.

B. Neat and clean makeup accessories: 

The second important thing you need to keep in notice is the cleanliness of your brushes and other accessories of your makeup. The brushes may seem neat and clean from the outside but you don’t know how many germs they hold inside. So now it’s time to think that those old, fluffy brushes that have been on your shelf for quite a long time now it’s about time to get rid of them and enlighten your dressings with new and clean brushes. You can even clean your brushes on regular basis, after every touch-up you can clean them with sprays used to clean the brushes. Discard all your old makeup that had been serving your dressing tables for years, now it’s time to give chance to the other products waiting for you in the stores. Keep the lids of all your accessories close so that it’s free from all the germs and dust.

All these things if taken care of can be a great help in your daily makeup and apart from you looking pretty you know you are being served with hygiene makeup every time you use it. 

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