Pros and Cons of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Just like everything else in this world, even online shopping comes with its pros and cons. Pros are no less than the cons and cons a...

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Just like everything else in this world, even online shopping comes with its pros and cons. Pros are no less than the cons and cons are no lesser than the pros. However we shall keep both of them in mind while enjoying the services of online shopping. Everybody is found mentioning the pros of E-shopping, nobody really considers the cons.

In order to be active in online shopping in Pakistan you have to meet a few requirements. You need to have credit cards as you cannot pay cash on delivery to sites working internationally or even sites that are not working from your city or town; cash-on-delivery only works for sites which are run from your own city. In order to possess a credit card, you first need to own a bank account for which you must have all your legitimate documents with you, up-to-date. This includes your identification card, birth certificate and passport.

buy clothes onlineIf you are willing to open a student account then you will also be requiring your educational documents or certificates. Everyone cannot afford to have all these documents in handy, especially the poor (not that they have computers to surf the internet and E-shop), but it counts as a con anyway.

When you order something online, you need to mention your credit card number. Due to the high rate of robberies and theft, people fear to mention their credit cards’ number on the internet, since hackers can gain access to them.

When you go out for shopping you get to meet new people. You can even become friends with a few of them if you are a socialite. You get to see new faces; some happy some sad. Through an experiment, science has proved that if you are in a bad mood, seeing happy faces can revive your mood by stimulating your body’s happy hormones. Some happy faces are so worthwhile that just by looking at them, your hormones work to tickle you.

When you go out to shop, your body parts come into action thus kicking laziness out. Laziness is one of the chief reasons for obesity and obesity is becoming a major problem. Every next person you come across is complaining about their tummy bulging out and their double chin. Going out to shop is a fun and easy solution to burn the fat.

A lot of people, especially girls, take shopping to be a way to counter stress, depression and kill boredom.

P.S. The last three cons of E-shopping are actually pros of shopping which you cannot avail when you shop online.

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