Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation, IVORY SPF-20 Review

Today I am publishing this review on Revlon Photoready foundation that comes with a mineral sunscreen to protect your skin from the sunl...

Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation Review

Today I am publishing this review on Revlon Photoready foundation that comes with a mineral sunscreen to protect your skin from the sunlight. The foundation offers a silky texture with a shiny finish the blends in properly with your skin with a good coverage and lasting capability. It is always saddening to find people having a hard time searching their desired HG products, but I cannot explain how lucky I felt when I got my hands on Revlon Photoready Foundation.
Since I’ve been using this product for some months but I hardly found myself getting bored or tired of using it one more time. An extra push from the compliments that I received during my graduation day, the Revlon Photoready Foundation is one of the reasons behind the valise of happy memories which I pulled together on that unforgettable day.

The Packaging

The product comes with a simple, stylish and attractive packaging. Though the foundation is confined in a sleek, slim and see-through transparent glass bottle but on the darker side, the glass bottle seems less sturdy to carry and handle. The bottle comes with a pump top that makes it even easier for a nonstop application. Moreover, the bottle design is pretty hygienic as it prevents the over application of product without spilling or running through sides. Overall, I’ll give 7/10 for packaging, since the design is travel-friendly but being less sturdy, I doubt that the product may survive a fall.

Revlon PhotoReady's Range of Shades

Revlon Photoready foundation shades
Unlike other Revlon foundations, Revlon Photoready comes in a limited variety of shades and colors. You have to choose wisely from exceptional shades for both lighter and darker undertones. Photoready foundation is only offered with the following 12 shades:
  • Ivory
  • Vanilla
  • Shell
  • Nude
  • Natural Beige
  • Medium Beige
  • Cool Beige
  • Golden Beige
  • Rich Ginger
  • Caramel
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
 Having said that! The product comes in a mix of both warm and cool shades that blend perfectly with your skin complexion and conceals all types of skin imperfections. If you are looking for a foundation that can give fresh, beautiful and natural looking finish then, Revlon Photoready foundation can easily blend and settle down with the troublesome texture of your skin. Furthermore, this review is based on #001, Ivory shade with SPF-20.

 PhotoReady's Texture

The Texture of Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation

The texture is neither too runny nor too cakey. It has a mediocre (light-fluid) texture that blends well with almost all skin types. Even the texture is so lightweight that it does not make you feel like wearing makeup at all. If you are searching for a luminous or light reflecting foundation for parties and proms then luckily, this product has everything you can ever wish. The Revlon Photoready Foundation has a balance of light reflecting shimmers that offer luminous and glowy effect on your skin. Needless to say that the product contains flashy glitters or eye-boosters but the product is confined to a balance of light reflecting pigments (shimmer particles). These shimmer particles offer natural looking finish with medium-to-full coverage (depending upon the application) on your skin.

How To Apply the PhotoReady Foundation

Depending upon your desired texture, the application of Revlon Photoready Foundation can happen to be your trickiest makeup job ever. For the medium/moderate coverage, you can use your hands (fingers I must say) to apply barely the foundation. For even greater and full coverage, you can go for brushes like the stippling brush for a Smokey airbrush effect.

 Before Application
Skin texture before Photoready foundation

 After Application
Skin texture after Photoready foundation application

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 This flawless foundation is absolutely perfect to offer medium-to-full coverage of your skin. Either use a brush or a sponge, this marvelous hg foundation will conceal all your facial imperfections including acne scars, fine lines, dry spots or even dark circles.

Superb Lasting Power & Finishing

Revlon photoready foundation swatches
I must say I was really impressed with its staying power. Usually, I do not wear foundations for too long but when I am hitting the road or having a girls night out, I need something exactly like Revlon Photoready foundation. Its oil-free formula makes the foundation stay intact, even much longer throughout the day. So, if you are looking for a foundation with long lasting coverage and greater staying power, then trust me The Revlon Photoready Foundation promises to give your skin the flawless coverage up to 8 hours.


  • Gives your skin a healthy and natural looking glow.
  • Light reflecting foundation that gives natural radiance.
  • Provides full coverage without being too heavy on the skin unlike Revlon Colorstay foundation.
  • Blends perfectly with all skin tones and skin types.
  • Long lasting foundation with great staying power.
  • Covers all your complexions and skin imperfections.
  • Confined with natural Broad Spectrum SPF 20.
  • A hydrating foundation with oil-free extracts.
  • The foundation has a slight shimmery texture not as much as people have postulated in other reviews.
  • The foundation offers a good oil control throughout the day.
  • The foundation can easily sustain 8 hours without showing any signs of breaking.
  • The mineral sunscreen can protect your skin from the sunlight.
  • The foundation has absolutely zero fragrance which I personally like.


  • Photoready foundation does not offer a good luxury of shades, you have to choose wisely between a limited range.
  • Glass bottle is less sturdy to handle and carry you have to use it carefully.
  • The foundation offer semi-matte finish because of the shiny particles.
  • Not the best foundation for oily skin type but can be good for medium coverage.
  • The sunscreen factor makes it highly absorbent that can result in overly dry skin. (a moisturizer is advised with this foundation)


Rating: I rate this foundation 7.5/10

Highly recommended! It does not matter whether your skin is vampire reddish or even paler than pale. The Revlon Photoready Foundation has every element to offer THE GREATER coverage to your skin. Moreover, trust me! You should give it a try if you want to see the better version of your own skin.

Price: Having a number of flawless features, the price of Revlon Photoready foundation is truly on the fair side. Buying a single bottle of foundation can be your biggest investment for an extra longer time. Now you can also get your hands on Revlon Photoready foundation at just Rs. 1650.

Places to buy: You can find this product easily at online stores in Pakistan, moreover, Revlon photoready is one of the commonly available foundations at any drugstore.

Questions Related To This Post

Is Revlon Photoready Foundation oil free?
Yes, it is an oil free foundation that works smoothly without showing any signs of breakouts but if you have a very oily skin you would not be really glad with it.

Is Revlon Photoready Gluten free?
Yes, it is absolutely gluten free.

How long does Revlon Photoready foundation last?
Photoready foundation can easily last up to 8 hours on oily/combination skins but it might not be the case if you have a very oily skin. You can perhaps use the setting powder to adjust it according to your skin type.

Is Revlon Photoready foundation full coverage?
Yes, it is a full coverage foundation.

How to apply Revlon Photoready foundation?
You can use a foundation brush to apply it but for a flawless look I would recommend you to use Beautyblender.

Is Revlon Photoready foundation good for oily skin?
Yes and No, it can work with oily skin but you cant expect it to stay longer then 4 hours without any signs of breakouts.

How good is Revlon Photoready foundation?
If you are a fan of shimmery look then its the right foundation for you.

Is Revlon Photoready foundation waterproof?
Yes its a waterproof foundation.

What shade of Revlon Photoready foundation should I choose?
I would recommend testing it on your hand and neck to be sure about the shade you choose is the right one. You can also go through this post if you are still unsure about it.

Is Revlon Photoready foundation water based?
Yes its a water based foundation.

Is Revlon Photoready foundation good for dry skin?
It can work with a dry skin but I would highly advise you to go with a moisturizer first before going for it.

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