23 Surprising Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea or sometime referred as 'Camomile tea' is extracted from white daisy-like plants commonly used as a medicinal herb...

23 Benefits of Chamomile Tea For Skin, Hair And Health

Chamomile tea or sometime referred as 'Camomile tea' is extracted from white daisy-like plants commonly used as a medicinal herb for several cosmetic and skincare purposes. ‘The chamomile flower’ that can be easily recognized by its white petals and strong aroma contains several medicinal benefits like anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety compounds to treat stress and insomnia.

A cup full of strong aromatic chamomile tea can be very helpful to fight many physical and mental diseases at once. From curing the patients with anxiety and insomnia, chamomile tea can easily battle stomach cramps while boosting the healthy functioning of immune system. Not only that! The chamomile tea can be an ideal solution to all skin problems.

There are typically two types of chamomile flowers found in nature. First is Roman and second is German. Both these varieties of chamomile flowers contain strong antioxidants, including with antiseptic and anxiolytic compounds. The chamomile tea is rich golden in color with a mouth-watering flavor containing flavonoids that handle curing several physical and mental health problems.

In this incredibly informative post, you’ll find 23 benefits of chamomile tea including benefits for your general health, skin and hair.

Chamomile Tea Skin Benefits: An Ideal Solution For Acne & other Skin Diseases!

Chamomile Tea Skin Benefits

 1. Chamomile tea naturally comprises of anti-oxidants and flavonoids having high moisturizing and nourishing compounds essential for treating skin related problems. Chamomile tea has also shown promising results in the treatment of inflammation caused by skin lesions. The magical tea can cure numerous skin issues like: psoriasis, eczema, ulcer, swelling, and other similar skin diseases.

 2. When it comes to wound treatment, chamomile tea stimulates the healing process. Moreover, the chamomile tea can cure irritation and serve as a disinfectant for the minor injuries.

 3. Chamomile tea also serves as mild skin bleach as its natural extracts are potent enough to lighten your complexion by helping you regain the young and vibrant, youthful skin.

 4. Chamomile tea is a best-proven remedy for treating the itchy and inflamed skin while soothing skin rashes and skin irritation.

 5. The chamomile tea is therapeutic in eliminating acne, scars and pimples with strong antioxidants and anxiolytic compounds that promise to keep your acne from recurring.

 6. The medicinal benefits of chamomile leaf extract offer the best protection against free radical damage and premature aging of your skin.

 7. Placing chamomile tea bags under the eyes can provide soothing therapy for eyes relaxation while reducing the dryness and puffiness of eyes.

8. The blend of chamomile tea with powdered milk or olive oil can result in a great facial scrub. The application of this scrub can eliminate dry and dead skin cells while recuperating the vibrant, supple and younger looking skin. Here are a few bonus face masks you can try with Chamomile Tea:

Sabudana with Chamomile Tea Mask

Crush some sago pearls and mix it with chamomile tea (you can also use the tea from already brewed teabags). Add some milk and blend it well for 5 to 10 minutes. Now apply this mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can read more about Sabudana masks and benefits here.

Basil Seed, Nutmeg & Chamomile Tea Mask

Chamomile tea is fabulous for your digestion, hair and skin, you can read about various health benefits of Chamomile Tea here. You can try several masks with Chamomile and other ingredients combination. Crush one teaspoon of Sabja seeds and add an equal amount of Chamomile Tea and two cloves of Jaiphal. Add a few drops of milk to create a thick paste and use it on your face for 30 minutes for optimum results. You can use this mask once in a day. This mask can increase the skin texture, fairness, and shine of the skin. You can read more about Basil seeds here.

 9. Chamomile tea is an ideal moisturizer for skin, it nourishes and enhance your skin appearance on regular usage.

10. Chamomile can soften and soothe your skin, a very good skin cleanser, and the antiseptic properties make it an ideal organic skin treatment choice. It can also be used in different types of foot soak recipes here is a bonus one for my readers:

Listerine & Chamomile Tea Foot Soak

 Listerine and Chamomile foot soak owes a great importance in the remedial treatment of calluses and corns. Also the people with the embarrassing sweaty foot condition can cure this problem with this homemade remedy


1- Chamomile Tea Mixture
2- One cup of Listerine
3- A container wide enough to place feet
4- Warm water
5- A filer or foot scrubber
6- Vaseline

The Recipe

Brew a cup of Chamomile tea and pour it in the container with warm water and Listerine mixture. Stir the solution for a minute. Place your feet in the warm solution and enjoy the warmth for half an hour. You can add extra cups of boiled water to keep the solution warm during the whole time. File the dead skin from feet and wash it off with normal water. After drying your feet apply some Vaseline on your heels and massage it gently. The Chamomile-Listerine Foot Bath eliminates the calluses and corns and decreases the over-sweating of feet. If you are struggling with dry and cracked heels I would suggest you to not try it more than twice in a month because Chamomile tea increases the dryness of skin to decrease the sweating problem and can result in over dryness of heels. You can read more about Listerine Foot soak recipes here.

The beauty benefits of chamomile tea are endless if applied on regular basis. The continuous nourishment with chamomile tea can result in wonders if you add these handy recipes in your daily skin regimen.

Chamomile Tea Hair Benefits: Superb Home Remedy for Shiny Dark Hair!

Chamomile Tea Hair Benefits

Chamomile tea offers some versatile benefits for hair care, the organic remedies includes the following:

11. By applying chamomile tea to the hair strands, you can give your hairs an instant and bright natural tone. Combine it with honey and olive oil and apply to individual hair strands to make natural highlights for dark hair as well.

12. Chamomile tea makes a wonderful hair lightener. Add a tea bag of chamomile tea in water and boil it to get a mixture. After cooling apply the mixture to your hair and let dry in the sun. Rinse your hair with a conditioner and you’ll get a light golden highlight to your hair strands.

13. Chamomile tea is also beneficial for hair especially scalp. It's moisturizing, and nourishing preservatives are effective against the itching and irritation caused by dandruff on dry scalp.

Chamomile Tea Health Benefits: An Unconventional Health Remedy! 

Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

14. Proper and regular intake of chamomile tea can offer several health benefits including treatment for menstrual cramps. Having the necessary amount of glycine and flavonoids, a cup full of chamomile tea reduces muscle spasm while stimulating healthy antibacterial activity to cure menstrual cycles. The tea also enhances the blood flow to pelvic areas and uterus that helps in treating irregular periods and enhancement of sexual health in women.

15. According to scientific studies, the chamomile tea serves as anti-anxiety drugs on brain tissues stimulating a muscle relaxant activity to provide relief from stress on individual muscles of our body.

16. Chamomile tea mixed with honey and lemon can cure many ailments related to cold including severe coughing and sore throat.

17. Chamomile tea aid diabetes and lower blood sugar level which means that regular consumption of chamomile tea can control diabetes and blood glucose levels.

18. By wrapping chamomile tea into small packets and placed onto eyes, can sooth and ease down inflammation and irritation of eyes.

19. The ointment of chamomile tea can effectively heal hemorrhoids and wounds. There is also an on-going research about the effect of Chamomile tea to fight carcinoma cellular growth. The healing effects of tea is still counted as one of the biggest aspect as far as general well-being is concerned.

20. Chamomile tea is potent enough to aid digestion while facilitating healthy bowel movement in stomach. Chamomile tea after a meal can even prevent the formation of gas and acidity in our stomach.

21. Chamomile tea is anti-allergic in nature. Chamomile tea with natural oils, can soothe down itching of eczema including rashes and sunburns due to its antiseptic properties.

22. Regular consumption of chamomile tea can cure severe headaches and migraines. The tea is a natural relaxant without any side-effects.

23. Chamomile tea has natural sedating properties that can be very helpful for patients going through insomnia and sleeping disorders.

How To Purchase And Preserve Chamomile Tea

how to purchase chamomile tea

1.    While picking the store for fresh chamomile flowers, always look for a flower with the nice flower heads. The chamomile flowers having both petals and flower heads are healthier and tastier while making tea or using any other method of consumption.

2.    To preserve your chamomile flowers, first dry them thoroughly and then place them inside a fully air-tight jar. Always keep the flowers in a dry place this will keep them preserved for a longer period.

How To Prepare Chamomile Tea: The Recipe!

how to prepare chamomile tea

Preparing chamomile tea is as easy as brewing any other herbal tea.

  1. Firstly, Boil a cup full of water in a teapot and add a few slices of apples mashed with a help of a wooden spoon.
  2. Now, add a few chamomile flowers in pre-heated water and let them steep for a couple of minutes in the teapot.
  3. When the tea gets a nice golden color, and you can smell the strong aroma, empty the teapot and strain the tea into a cup.
  4. You can even add honey or lemon if you want to balance the flavor of chamomile tea. Chamomile tea can be easily blended with other ingredients and you can always enjoy the luxury of benefits with new taste.

Always ask your dermatologist or family doctor before consuming any herb as some people are allergic to plants and herbal medicines. Additionally, chamomile flower or tea must not be consumed by pregnant women or anyone allergic to herbs as in some cases the consumption of these plants can cause allergic reactions to some patients. Stay tuned to my blog ladies :) and do not forget to share it ♥

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