Oil cleansing- Natural and Healthy way of cleaning your Skin.

Oil cleansing  Like other things our skin also needs to be cleaned and taken care of regularly. Hidden dust particles and germs can...

Oil cleansing 

Like other things our skin also needs to be cleaned and taken care of regularly. Hidden dust particles and germs can cause black heads, pimples, itchy skin, redness, dark spots and sometimes infection as well. For this we need to regularly cleanse our skin to remove the dust, allowing the skin to breathe and glow healthy.


Skin oil producing mechanism

Our skin has some oils producing cells which produce oil to maintain a balanced skin. Our skin type also depends upon the amount of oil the cells are producing. Some cells are very active which means they produce oil in a very large quantity which result in oily skin. For cleaning most of the people goes for face wash or cleansing lotion.  These products clean the skin very deeply by opening its pores, but wipes off the oil resulting in dry skin. When the skin dries its oil producing cells become active and starts producing oil in huge amount to balance the skin. This results in oily skin and if these products are used for long term you may face the open pores issue or your skin type can change from normal to oily one.

What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing is a very natural and organic way of cleaning your skin. In oil cleansing, some natural and essential oils are used to clean the skin. Due to oil, the oil producing cells remain inactive and the skin remains in its natural state. This way not only cleans but also deeply nourishes your skin leaving it soft smooth and healthy.
Oil cleansing is the best way to clean the skin. I know it sounds weird as to put lots of oil on your face can be discomforting but the results are really outstanding and it’s worth trying again.

How to clean your skin with oil?

The method is same as you do with your normal cleansing. For oil you may need castor oil or essential oil of your own choice. I preferred sunflower seed oil as it contains a huge amount of vitamin A,D and E, which are essential for healthy skin.

You can choose essential oil from these as well
  • Castor oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Almond oil

The amount of oil depends upon your skin type; the more your skin is oily the higher amount of castor oil is needed.

For dry skin:
If you have a dry skin issue, then you may need a drop of castor oil and 9 drops of essential oil.

For balanced/ normal skin:
If your skin is normal or balanced, then 2 drops of castor oil and 8 drops of essential oil may be needed.

For oily skin:
If your skin is oily, take 3 drops of castor oil and 7 drops of essential oil.


Take the given amount of oil in a bowl and mix them well. Start moving your fingers in clockwise movement like you do in case of normal cleansing. If required you can also give some heat with the help of hot towel, this will relax the skin muscles and allow the dust particles to easily leave your skin pores. Massage your skin well and remove the dirt with cotton balls. When your skin is completely clean just rinse the face with clean water. Don’t use soap and allow the remaining oil to stay on your skin overnight. This will nourish the skin and will give it a nice shinny and glowing effect. 

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