Native Deodorant Review: Lavender & Rose

Usually the focus of my reviews is on makeup or beauty products but today I am going to share a review with you ladies on a product th...

Native Deodorant Review by Farheen

Usually the focus of my reviews is on makeup or beauty products but today I am going to share a review with you ladies on a product that is a little different than the tradition set on this website. I am going to share my experience with the famous native deodorant.
I am not really a big fan of deodorants because they usually cause itchiness on my armpits and there might be a very few that suited me. Another problem with the deodorants available in the market is the inclusion of aluminum based compounds that seem to have been causing health issues especially the breast cancer according to some scientific research.  So finding the all perfect natural deodorant is not a very easy task that does not causes the itchiness on your skin. The Native deodorant struck my eyes while browsing one of my favorite drugstore websites, it does not cost a lot either so I decided to give this a shot.
Native Deodorant Lavendar & Rose

Native Deodorant Ingredients

The Native Deodorant claims to have all the natural ingredients that according to them are totally skin-friendly and safe from any horrendous aluminum based compound. Following are the ingredients of the native deodorants: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Baking Soda, Vitamin E, Vegetable Preservatives, Acidophilus (natural bacteria found in intestines), Coconut Oil, Dextrose, Probiotics, Castor Bean Oil, Stearyl Alcohol, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Arrowroot Powder (derived from tropical plants).

What Native Deodorant Claims

Native Claims that its deodorant is absolutely free from any aluminum based compound, it offers active protection all day long, it’s Talc-free with comprehensible organic ingredients. The inclusion of baking soda is to done to culminate the body odors while the arrow powder absorbs the moisture and combine with acidophilus to remove any bacteria or fungi that produces bad odor.

My Review on Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant Lavender &  Rose Ingredients

The native deodorant for women is available in three different scents and one unscented version. The most popular one among these scents is the Lavender & Rose, the others are Coconut & Vanilla, and Jasmine & Cedar. My review is based on Native Deodorant's Lavender & Rose Scent, although the ingredients of all these variations are same so I would not expect any other to provide additional benefits. 

Native Deodorant Applicator

The native deodorant comes in stylish and compact bottle in white color. Its light in weight and completely travel friendly product. The Lavender & Rose scent is pretty mild but I really loved it. The deodorant comes with handy instructions on switching from the traditional deodorant to this one. According to Native your body takes a few days to adjust to the natural ingredients of this deodorant. I am not a regular user of deodorant so I did not feel any difference as far as the adjustment thing was concerned. The best part about this deodorant is that you do not need to slather it too much of the product on your underarms, just a few swipes are enough for your body to smell good all the day. 

Native Deodorant Reviews : Lavender & Rose


The lasting power of this deodorant is tremendous I would not say its twenty-four hours like they claim but it can easily last up to 12 hours on me. It controls the excessive sweat pretty nicely and I do not have to worry about it at work. In $12 it might be a little expensive for some ladies out their but I’d say go for if you are looking for something natural and the bottle easily lasts up to 45 days so I think it’s the best deal you can get.   


  • Native deodorant is free from any aluminum-based compounds.
  • It is completely organic product.
  • The deodorant smells pretty good.
  • The lasting power of this deodorant is 12 hours easily.
  • It controls the sweat and smell from your body nicely.
  • One bottle can easily last for 45 days.


  • $12 price might be a little expensive for some folks.


For all the ladies looking for a perfect deodorant that lasts longer on the body without any potential side effects, Native Deodorant is the ideal choice to go for. I rate this product 9 out of 10. For all the working ladies this is an exceptional product.

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