Mac Mocha Blush Review & Swatches

Hey beauties! I hope you are all doing superb there. First of all, I personally have high regards for all the comments and feedbacks tha...

Mac Mocha Powder Blush Review by Farheen Salman

Hey beauties! I hope you are all doing superb there. First of all, I personally have high regards for all the comments and feedbacks that you guys put forward for my past reviews, Yay! It means a lot to me ♥ Secondly I was thinking about writing another review for the product that I stumbled upon this time. Trust me I was really excited about sharing my personal opinion because this product has proven to be the best product that I’ve been using up till now.

Mac offers an extensive selection of makeup blushes with a different variety of colors and hues. Though I had some choices starting from the rosy glow blushes to the sun-kissed hues. However, personally I was completely drawn towards Mac’s rosy pink blush that is supremely soft and offers a flash of creamy colors for my cheeks. Mac as a genuine brand offers its blushes in a variety of warm and cool shades that can complement and conceal any skin complexion. It did not just work for me, but anyone looking for a high definition blush can try on Mac mocha powder blush for a long wearing and luxurious skin-perfecting effect.

Mac Mocha Blush Packaging

No matter what skin type you have, With Mac’s extensive range of multi-colored blushes you’ll always have an extra and ample choice to pick a blush as per your choice and preference. Mac offers several types of blushers with unmatched finishes like powder blush, gel blush, Matte finish blush with an unparalleled series of high definition shimmers and bronzers. These Multi-Colored Blushes are highly pigmented with bright and metallic cream colors, but today, I am sharing my personal review on Mac Mocha blush that is a nutrient-rich product with fade-free formula. It's super long wearing ability makes this powder blush a must-try product from Mac’s extensive range of blushers.

What Mocha Blush Claims

Smooth colors with active ingredients for the face. Ready to wear blush available in different formulas depending upon the skin type you have. Mac claims that the product is dermatlogist tested and Non-acnegenic, which means you don't need to worry about any allergic reactions on your skin.

Review & Swatch of the Product

Most women wear makeup either to conceal their complexion or to disguise their exhaustion. Personally, I love to wear makeup that is soft and sound for an office environment. It has to be lightweight and long-wearing for at least 5-6 hours. What I mean here is good staying power because touch ups can be annoying. Plus, the application of blush has to be fairly straightforward. So did I found my ideal product? Guess what? It's been an entire month since I’ve been using Mac Moca blush for my everyday makeup for the office.

Mac Mocha Blush Swatch

Mac mocha blush comes with a compact, chic and elegant cover in a polished and sleek black color. It has a distinct signature of Mac printed on the front that makes this product the center of attraction among the unique feminine collection. The product has a romantic and feminine blush color having no weird chemical like smell. The elegance of texture is flattering on apple cheeks that make this product worth spending money. Plus, this particular blush has long staying power, and it does not feel heavy on my cheeks. It can rest comfortably on your skin for 5-6 hours because of Mac’s non-fading formula that offers extreme color perfection for longer hours.

Mac Mocha Blush finishing quality

I would say this product is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for more natural application with light colors and light weight.

Pros of Mocha Blush

  • High definition color with a radiant finish. 
  • Long lasting hue that adds a translucent glow on your skin. 
  • Its texture is not too creamy but has a dusty finish. 
  • The product has long-wearing power with a texture that feels lightweight on the skin.
  • An ideal blush for natural makeup lovers.
  • Light colors for perfect blending.

Cons of Mocha Blush

  • Mocha Blush's Price is a bit on the higher side, but its Mac! 
  • The Blush Case does not come with mirror and applicator. 
  • The availability of this product is a big issue, so make pre-orders online to get quick hands on this awesome product.
  • May not last longer in summer as it claims.
  • May need some touch ups without primer, so it is highly recommend if you have oil skin then you should use a good primer with it.


You need to pre-order this product at your local drugstore. If you are from Karachi, then you can pre-order it from drug stores at Tariq Road.

Would I buy it for a second time? Obviously yes! I will continue to purchase this product again and again. Ask me why? Because I have a bundle of emotions attached to this product that I will let you know in my upcoming reviews :)


Rating: I rate this blush 9/10

I just want to say that it is a tried-and-true beauty product, so I must recommend every girl to try it this year. Although its price is a bit on the higher side but this product is definitely worth spending money. One more thing, for oily skins Mac Mocha blush might not stay long during summer time, why? Because if you have the ultra oily skin then you may require some good quality primers before applying this product. Though we all need just a small amount of blush to get that romantic flush on our cheeks but truly the application of primers as a good base will merely help you get the job done


Overall Mac mocha blush is a fantastic high definition blush that I personally love to wear. Its application is just effortless. The product is lightweight and easy to wear; even it helps me create a natural and flushed look on my cheeks. Since I have tested a number of products but this particular blush seems ideal for my skin. Just want to remind you guys that never get too heavy-handed with this blush. Ask me why? Because it's vibrant color will surely pay off if you maintain it’s silky consistency on your skin. That's all for today and I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Just stay tuned for more updates because there is a lot more exciting stuff COMING on your way. Do not forget to share it :)

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