What Is My Skin Tone [Choosing the Right Makeup Foundation]

Flawless makeup is never possible without choosing perfect makeup foundation, according to your skin tone. No matter how perfectly you b...

Tips for Choosing the Best Makeup Foundation by FS Fashionista

Flawless makeup is never possible without choosing perfect makeup foundation, according to your skin tone. No matter how perfectly you blend in the product, the results will always be disappointing in case you choose the wrong foundation shade. So you should always wear the foundation that fits perfect to your skin.Before I start pointing out the mistakes, that people normally do and giving you suggestions, I would like to clear the misconception about foundation use.

We are all surrounded by makeup lovers and self-made makeup artists. It is good to practice on own self, as practice makes you perfect but without understanding the purpose of product you can not use it right.

"Foundations are used to hide the imperfections and gives you a clean and smooth canvas to show your makeup art" - Farheen Salman

Asian skin tone is the most admired one because it blends in many shades, and it looks perfect with less effort. It needs no tanning or beach-kissed look as it looks adorable in itself. Many Asian women have a craze of lightening their skin tone and try to achieve this purpose with foundations.

For this, they choose the lightest shade of foundation without giving a second thought to undertone. This lightening effort gives a fake mask wearing effect and its the biggest makeup faux pas.
For a perfect even-toned, flawless skin you need to keep these points in mind!

What Is My Skin tone to Choose The Right Foundation Shade?

Choosing the right shade according to skin tone

We all have a unique skin tone and choosing the right shade according to it is the most tricky part. Choosing the right shade is not only a difficult task for Asian women but also for Western women as well. Asian women want to look brighter and fairer while the western women want to look more tanned. Trying to change your natural skin tone will always lead you nowhere.

Most of the sales girls standing at the counter do not have any idea about the products they are selling & the only thing in their mind is to sell the product regardless of thinking about your skin needs. So don't listen to their opinions.

Test the foundation shade near your jawline. It is the only part of your skin which can give you the right idea about your skin tone. Choose the shade that blends with your skin seamlessly and matches it completely. You must take a friend or someone with you who have an expert opinion about the foundation.

Lightning is the major factor that distracts you. So don't be fooled by too much lightning at the shop. Always go to buy foundation at day time and match the shade in the natural daylight.

What Is My Skin Type?

Selecting the foundation for right skin type

Have your ever felt that your foundation is melting? Alternatively, you have noticed any dryness after applying foundation? If yes ! then you are using the wrong type of foundation. There are three kinds of skin:

  • Oily skin
  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin

All these three types of skin need foundation accordingly. Dry skin needs cream foundation or liquid foundation while oily skin needs foundation cakes or powdered foundations or water based foundations, preferably mineral ones. Mac Studio fix fluid SPF 15 is one of the best liquid foundation for oily skin types which provides full coverage with SPF factor.

I have normal/mixed skin type. My skin usually gets oily during summers and dry in winter. So I have both types of foundations. I use liquid foundation in winters and powdered one in summers. Sometimes my skin feels dry during summer, so I use powdered ones near my T-zone, which is more likely to get oily and the rest of the face with the liquid one. A subtle blend will help you get the even toned skin.

One more thing! You do not need to buy a full coverage foundation as it is only good for those who are constantly in front of the camera and needs to look flawless. For ordinary persons like me, medium to light coverage is more than enough.

What Is My Skin Undertone?

Picking right skin undertone for makeup foundation

Okay now comes the undertone ! I guess it is the most difficult task for most of us to find our correct undertone. For choosing the perfect makeup foundation, you must have a clear understanding about your skin undertone. Wrong undertones can give you orange to copper, pink to rosy or ashen look even if you have chosen the right shade. There are three types of undertones:

  • Warm undertone
  • Cool Undertone
  • Neutral Undertone

Some people will suggest you to observe your veins and check whether its blue or green some will ask for the colors that suit you most, etc. I have simple questions for you, and your answer will help you in determining your undertone.

Warm Undertones

If your skin tans easily than your are more likely to have a warm undertone. To make it sure, check your wrist. Do you see green veins? If yes, then you surely have a warm undertone. Revlon ColorStay Foundation SPF-6 is perfect for oily/combination skin type with dark shades and warmer undertones.

Cool Undertones

Is your skin not affected by the sun? Alternatively, you face less damage in maximum exposure? Then you may have a cooler undertone. To confirm it, check your wrist again. Do you see blue/purple undertones? If positive, then your skin is subjected to cooler undertones.

Neutral Undertones

It is very easy to detect neutral undertones. If you cannot judge whether your veins are blue or green, then you are lucky one to have neutral undertone. Skin with neutral undertones is typically easy to deal with. Neutral skin tone can easily go with most of the foundation shades, and you can easily wear most of the colors and products easily.

As, it is summer, and it gets sweltering during day time, so I suggest to minimize the use of a foundation or use it when necessary. You can use a skin tanner with SPF 15 or above.  Hope, I have shared some good tips for choosing the perfect makeup foundation, according to your skin type. Also, I have found this interesting article about primers you might want to check, this article suggests some good tips to help you choose the right primer.

Do share your experiences and suggestions in the comment section. :)

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