7 Home Remedies of Jaifal - The Nutmeg

Nutmeg or Jaifal(Jaiphal) is one of the oldest known spices, it's origin belongs to India. It has a unique strong flavor and aroma t...

7 Benefits of Jaiphal Javitri - Nutmeg

Nutmeg or Jaifal(Jaiphal) is one of the oldest known spices, it's origin belongs to India. It has a unique strong flavor and aroma that differentiates it from any other spices, due to which it’s been used in many sweet dishes and Mughlai foods. It is an important ingredient of whole spices (GaramMasla). Apart from its use in foods, it tops the list of beneficial herbal medicines in sub-continent as well. In India, few people smoke it due to its taste and health benefits. It helps in treating asthma, cough, cold and many stomach issues.

Today I am sharing a few important benefits of Nutmeg(Jaiphal) that can help everyone in daily life.

Jaifal Home Remedies Infographic

01- Treatment Of Cholera:

Cholera is a stomach infection caused by bacteria. It causes severe stomach ache, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can lead to an alarming situation but if you have nutmeg at home then it can be controlled immediately. Take 1/2 teaspoon of it with water. If the condition prevails then contact your physician.

02- Treatment Of Body Pain:

Body pain can be treated with Nutmeg without taking medicines. This treatment is being used since ages but still holds its value. If you suffer from hand or foot pain than take 120ml of olive oil and heat it in an open pan. Now add two teaspoon of nutmeg and stir for few minutes. Leave the mixture to cool down after 10 minutes. Use this oil as an ointment to relieve pain. This can also be used to massage the legs of growing children who often complain leg pain.

03- Treatment Of Arthritis:

Arthritis is a joints problem that is commonly found in people aged above 50. It causes severe pain and stiffness in the joints. Recent studies show that the number of people suffering arthritis is increasing rapidly. The main reason behind this ambiguity is the use of processed food. Nutmeg (Javitri & Jaifal) is commonly used to treat pain and swelling that is why it is helpful in treating arthritis pain. Take 100ml of mustard oil and mix one teaspoon of nutmeg in it. Heat the mixture so that nutmeg mixes in oil properly. Let it settle for a few minutes and apply the warm oil to the joints. This will relieve the pain without any side-effects.

04- Treatment Of Tooth Ache:

I guess there is no one on the planet who hates Chocolates, bubble gums, marshmallows or fast food. With the increasing trend of eating junk/processed foods or chocolates, tooth decay issues are becoming standard. Even children having deciduous teeth faces this issue. To prevent this from happening or relieve tooth pain Nutmeg can be used without a second thought. Pour few drops of nutmeg oil on a cotton ball and place it on the affected teeth. This will work instantly. Clove can be placed as well to relieve pain.

05- Treatment Of Depression/Insomnia:

Anti-depressants and sleeping pills are very relaxing for a short time, but long-term use can cause many issues. Nutmeg is very effective for treating depression and anxiety. Add half teaspoon of nutmeg powder to a glass of Luke warm water and drink it once a day. Repeat the process for at least 10 days to get noticeable results. This will regularize your sleep as well.

06- Treatment Of Cough and Cold:

If you have heard of the whole spice drink, then you will not be surprised to know about Nutmeg tea (Javitri & Jaiphal Tea). Nutmeg is used to treat cough, cold, and pneumonia.Boil one teaspoon of nutmeg powder in a cup of water and drink the warm tea. Your body will start perspiration soon after drinking it. It is the oldest remedy for treating Cold and Influenza. You can also combine powdered Sabja Seeds with Nutmeg to brew another tea that can cure diseases like Malaria, Fever and Asthma.

07- Black Heads And Skin Fairness:

Nutmeg has potent ingredients that nourishes the skin deeply and makes it appear pinkish and shinier. It helps in removing blackheads and dead skin leaving it soft and smooth. Make a paste of nutmeg powder(Javitri & Jaiphal), with few drops of milk and apply it evenly. Massage the paste in a circular motion and leave it for 10 minutes. It will remove all the blackheads and help in healing the wounds and acne scars on the skin.  

You can also try powdered Sabudana, Nutmeg and Honey face mask, just blend a few cloves of Nutmeg with powdered Sago pearls and add a few drops of honey to make a thick face mask. You can use this mask twice in a week. Use this face mask for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. This mask is also great for skin fairness and acne issues.

Nutmeg Mask also helps in maintaining peaceful sleep especially during summers.

I hope you like all these DIY Home Remedies of Jaifal (Nutmeg), stay tuned to my blog for more awesome beauty tips. I will be reviewing some MAC cosmetics in the coming days as I just have received an amazing gift from my gorgeous friend :), see you ladies soon with some beauty product reviews.

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