Fashion-conscious men warned we may have reached 'peak beard'

Every latest fashion or trend fades away, as more people adopt it. There 's a saturation point of everything, after that thing sta...

Every latest fashion or trend fades away, as more people adopt it. There's a saturation point of everything, after that thing starts to decline. The same thing has happened in the case of beard man.

According to a Research conducted by University of NSW, Hirsute men are now likely to become less attractive to their partners, as more and more people are opting to have a beard. Now clean shaven men are likely to attract women as compared to heavily stubble men.

The same thing works in opposite, where Full beard or Balbo style beard judged more attractive and graceful, when present in a gathering of shaved visages. 
Researchers selected 1,450 women and 213 men, to conduct the research. During this research, 36 pictures of different men were selected. Some pictures were having beard faces, while others had clean shaven ones.

Researchers were quite surprised to find that, the preferences were quite dependent on prior exposure to beard men. If the participants were shown more pictures of beard men, then they were likely to rate clean shaved ones and vice versa.

Researcher Robert Brooks, who is a well known psychologist has done a number of studies in observing human behavior. He revealed that, the aim of this research was to find out the forces that affect the beard trend. 

“There is a lot of faddishness with beards, they are on the way back and it’s interesting to look at that interaction with culture,” said Robert Brooks.

He further explained that, “It appears that beards gain an advantage when rare, but when they are in fashion and common, they are declared trendy and that attractiveness is over.”

Researchers said, “These trends usually move in 30-year cycles from when they are first noticed but, with the internet, things are moving a lot faster.”
But for now, the trend has reached its zenith and has no scope for further growth. Its declining and will no more be appreciated in near future.


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