Right way of washing can lead you towards healthy hairs with less hairfall.

  All of us have heard so many things about the hair wash and so many different ways as well. For some people its a really difficult...

All of us have heard so many things about the hair wash and so many different ways as well. For some people its a really difficult task as whatever they try on their hairs, turns out to be awful. Even the best shampoo and conditioner doesn't give the desired results.

Today, I am going to share few things which are going to help you regarding hair wash issues. 

First and the most important thing is:

"Wash your hairs twice a week"

Not more or less than this, because excessive wash can wash off the scalp oils, and less can cause dirt and germs to stay on your scalp, causing dandruff and other issues.

Secondly, we must know our hairs properly.  

Our hairs comprises of two portions:
  1. One which is near your scalp- This is the part which is very new and is very healthy. This area is rich in natural oils and needs to be cleaned properly with shampoo.
  2. The lower end- This part is the oldest section of hair, mostly dry and brittle, and has the least amount of natural hair oil in it. This part doesn't need to be shampooed thoroughly.
Now coming towards the hair length, we all have different hair lengths and all of these needs to be washed and taken care accordingly.

For long hairs (Below your shoulder line)

Girls having long hairs mostly have an issue of dry and split hairs. 

If you have long hairs, you don't need to start with shampoo, instead, apply conditioner first(after rinsing your hairs with warm water) and leave your hairs to absorb it properly. Luke warm water will open the cuticles and will allow the conditioner to do its work properly. This will not only nourish the hairs deeply but fills up the open cuticles with moisturizer, making it soft, smooth and shinny.

After few minutes, take *a small penny size amount of shampoo and start making leather on your scalp portion. Don't apply it in circular movements, this will tangle your hairs. After this rinse your hairs properly with cool water. Apart from adding an instant shine, cool water does a great work in closing the pores and cuticles properly.

Apply a small amount of conditioner on your hairs, leave it for few minutes and rinse properly. (As you do normally)

* Excessive amount of shampoo is waste of money and can create too much lather which will eventually rinse off the scalp oils completing causing unhealthy and thin hairs.

Now the last thing, which is the most important one !

Don't repeat this process at all ! Once you have shampooed your hairs, its enough. Only if your hairs are really dirty and your first shampoo didn't created leather, then repeat this process for the second time.


For short hairs (Above shoulder line)

Short hairs mostly don't have an issue of dryness and brittleness, the hairs are young and strong. So if you short hairs, start your hair wash with a shampoo. Start from the scalp, make leather and then wash it off with Luke warm water. Squeeze the water out and then apply a gentle amount of conditioner on it. Leave it for few minutes and rinse it off with cool water.

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