Plazo's-New Arrival of Summer 2014

If you belong to sub-continental region [desi peeps and I am proud to be one ;)] then this fashion trend must be the one for you to ...

Green plazo with white shirt

If you belong to sub-continental region [desi peeps and I am proud to be one ;)] then this fashion trend must be the one for you to follow this summer, although this trend is being followed in the western countries too. For the last few months, desi fashion around us has been focusing more on colored Churidar pajama's or trousers with a contrasting long shirt. But the world of fashion is always changing with the spice of innovations ♥. You might have noticed a new trend of Plazo's introduced in the market from 2013, it might be there in the market before but I personally noticed it from 2013 in fashion shows. These plazo's are available in different stuffs including lawn, cotton and linen.

 As, it is summer season, and lawn collections are in, many ladies are going for Plazo's as they look quite comfortable, attractive and don't forget the cozy feeling :) Other than kurti's and long shirts, these plazo's can be paired with short shirts, T-shirts, cardigans, crochet tops, suede vests etc.
So for the upcoming season and events, the Plazo's will be an ideal choice to go for. Enjoy yourselves with the latest arrival of this year, 2014!


Starting Up With Some Random Plazo Pictures

green cotton plazo

polka dots cotton plazo

sky cotton plazo

Jasmine style pink designer plazo

dark yellow colored cotton plazo

embroidered linen plzo

egyptian plazo

A little taste of Egyptian Plazo with red Shirt.

Western Style in purple design.

Western Style plazo in Brown Orange design

White Chicken fabric Indian plazos.

purple egyptian plazos
And a fine peice to go for Egyptian Purple Plazo with an amazing contrast.

Some Designer Plazos

I have got some designers' plazos for you gals ♥ check them out I have provided the link to online stores to where you can order them easily :)


Maria B. Plazos Collection have inspired me the most because of their perfect contrasting and fabric, there you go with some pictures from Maria B.'s boutique.

Maria B. Plazo collection

Maria B's designer Plazo in Yellow with long shirt

Maria B. Shaded Cotton Designer Plazo

Maria B. blue suit

Maria B. Designer Plazo collection 2014

Another one to go for is Parisha Designer Rujhan Fabric plazos, mostly these plazos are more traditional and embroidered with a classy look!  

Parisha Dresses Rujhan Fabric 2014 plazo with typical dastkari

Parisha Dresses Rujhan Fabric black designer plazo

Parisha Dresses Rujhan Fabric green designer plazo

Parisha Dresses Rujhan Fabric grey colored plazo

There are a number of online stores currently offering plazos but I personally prefer them because of there brand names and the quality too.

Plazos can be really handy for the summer season so what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite color plazo and create your own combo.

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