Men’s Fashion: Right Colour for Accent and Statement

Colours play an important part to re-energize your real persona, for men’s fashion wear whether it is about a formal dressing or ...

Colours play an important part to re-energize your real persona, for men’s fashion wear whether it is about a formal dressing or a casual wear colours can never be ignored. Another big aspect is the season of year, if it is winter a darker colours would most probably suite your persona normally royal blue is considered highly when it comes to formal dress up and the value of black suit can never be ignored either. There are certain things that you should consider when choosing the right colour to produce an exotic look just according to the event or a casual hangout.

Formal Dress up: Dress Like a Real Gentle man

A quality professional always prefer and focus more on his personality development and the biggest part that creates a real spark is the dress code. I should probably say the first impression that you create in any organizational settings or a professional meeting or event is immensely dependent on your dressing then comes the other aspects like your communication skills, your confidence and your gestures. Black suits are always the top choice for groomed professional but with the passage of time Dark Royal Blue has created a landmark too.

Furthermore, your dress colour should be in accordance with the season too, if you are going for a professional event in winter Black I should say is the best backed with proper contrasting with your shirt, pants and tie for sure. If you are attending an event in summers a more vivid colour would certainly impress more people by vivid I don’t mean to push you towards the use of colours that might infringe the formal dress code like yellows, orange or pink Yes! These colour can easily destroy your professional attire, by vivid I would prefer lighter colour like royal blue (not light or sky blue), green and grey.

The other aspects that would help you achieve your goal of creating a statement would be a good tie with simple or minimal design contrasting with your suit, using same coloured ties does not create the real thing, you should use a contrasting colour. Then comes your shirt whether you are wearing a two piece suit or three pieces, shirt bears a high importance, together your shirt and tie creates a real charisma if you use the right colour of shirt that creates a fabulous contrast with your suit and tie as well.

In the next post we will talk about how to create a perfect accent in casual wears stay tuned for more men’s fashion ideas and tips.

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