Top 3 Gift Ideas for Natural Hair Lovers

It’s a New Year and a brand new chance for you to focus on your natural hair. If you’ve always been shy about wearing your hair natural,...

Top 3 Gift Ideas for Natural Hair Lovers

It’s a New Year and a brand new chance for you to focus on your natural hair. If you’ve always been shy about wearing your hair natural, well, you don’t have to be anymore. You can wave perms, weaves and keratin treatments goodbye because finally, manufacturers have started making quality hair products for all the natural hair girls out there allowing them more options to choose from and finally embracing their locks.

A study published by Cornerstone goes quite in depth about factor that motivate hair choices, feelings about natural and relaxed hair, influence of ethnicity on hair choices,  and much more. In short, most women start out with relaxed hair and then later on move to natural in hopes for healthier hair.

That being said, till now products were hard to find and natural hair women only had a countable number to depend on, but times have certainly changed. If you have a friend or someone in your family that loves natural hair or has been wanting to give it a shot, gifting them a couple of hair care items isn’t going to hurt you at all. And of course, you can always treat yourself to them too. Hair care products are a great hair gift idea especially now, during the winter months, when your hair may just not seem quite right.

And like LA Times said, “For black women, hair is more than a style — it’s something tangled up in history, politics and race.” Now, onto the hair gift ideas!

Oils, Oils and More Oils

Right, so this one isn’t new at all to anybody, but definitely worth mentioning. Whether you’re someone who likes to mix oils together or just enjoy using them on their own, you have to agree that they do quite a lot and are perhaps the first step to fixing damaged hair.

Essential oils, specifically, can totally give your hair a different look in a few uses, and mixing them in with olive or coconut olive has done wonders for everyone. You just need a few drops of an essential oil of your choice and massage it deep and well into your scalp or ends, depending on what you’re targeting and trying to fix.

You can always get a bunch of essential oils, put them in a basket, and wrap ‘em up. It’s just that easy, makes for a nice, small gift but putting it together yourself and wrapping it makes it much more personal. Popular oil choices include Jojoba oil, Sandalwood oil, Rosemary oil, Almond oil and Moroccan Argan oil.

The Right Tools

There’s very few brave natural hair women that’ll choose to blow dry their hair. Twisting it and keeping it secure until its dry is definitely what most do. But every now and then, there comes an occasion you want to use heat tools on your hair for and it’s important to have the right ones that suit your hair type and won’t damage it ridiculously and give long lasting results. If you know someone like that who needs styling tools, gift it to them.

Q-Redew is a popular hair steamer that takes seconds to refresh your curls and give them the moisture and bounce they need and is definitely a tool for the winters.

The Flexi Rod Set makes for a great present as well, since it’s so inexpensive for you but exactly what a natural hair girl needs to make sure her ends are set too when she sets her braid or twist outs. I personally recommend to go for gift sets instead of buying every product individually, you can also click here to find the perfect hair gift set in a reasonable price range.

Once you have the right tools, especially the straightener you’re always going to use, you can follow a few simple tips to make sure that you’re on an even stronger path to beautiful natural hair.

Organic and Natural Products

Of course, the less chemicals the better, not just for your hair but overall health as well. And there are several brands and products that you can choose from. Finding organic products is still a hard task for many and sometimes a little expensive too. Not every natural hair girl can afford the sets but they’re definitely what every natural hair girl needs.

Focus on buying products that are 100% organic, avoiding any more damage that chemicals can cause and instead focus on moisturizing dry and brittle hair, taming frizz and fuzzies and mending your split ends.

Last Words

And that’s it for the 3 hair gift ideas that’ll never fail you. Whenever you’re in trouble, need to put something together quickly, lean on these and your friend or family is bound to love you for it!
There’s a lot more out there that you can choose from but these are the 3 products that every girl absolutely needs to have in her hair care bag.

After all, there’s nothing better than a gift that is not just pretty but also has a functional use and adds to your happiness every day!

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