6 Makeup Tips to Look Photogenic

You’ll see a lot of girls telling you to take another pic because they are not looking good in the pic already taken. And the person tak...

You’ll see a lot of girls telling you to take another pic because they are not looking good in the pic already taken. And the person taking the picture can easily get angry after taking two or three pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you take pictures from a DSLR camera or a phone camera.
But for girls without makeup, there are more chances that their picture does not come out to be the way they want. For your ease, we are giving you six makeup tips so that you look incredibly beautiful in every picture taken. You can use these tips if you want to take good pictures from your phone.

1- Eye Makeup

It is recommendable by the top makeup artist that you must apply eye makeup first of all. This is because you can easily wipe off the residues fell off on your cheeks. Don’t apply too much makeup on eyes as overdoing can make you look older. Go for soft shaded shadow and mascara is enough to be photogenic.

2- Foundation

Go for the foundation which is the best match for your complexion. Doesn’t go for the too pale shade or too dark shade. And if you got freckles or spots needed to be hidden use concealer with the finger tap on the specific spots. DON’T forget to apply foundation on whole neck and ears so that you look perfect.

3- Contouring and Blush

This features to highlight your good features and to shadow the ones you don’t want to get attention. Using blush brush with matte bronzer try to give your face an angular appearance like sweeping the formula below your cheekbone, the underside of your jawline and over the temples.
In the same way, using blush which is not the standard rosy pink shade but a little darker will make you stand out in pictures. Apply the blush to your cheeks out towards the ears top.

4- Brows Darkening

Filled brows without any gaps will make you pop on the camera. Just take a shade slightly darker than your brow colour and fill any gaps in between with light strokes. Be gentle in darkening your brows. Darken until it looks exactly matched up with your whole face makeup.

5- Lip Gloss 

To stand out the best in camera your lips must look well hydrated. Use a coloured lip gloss or any moisturizing lipstick so that your lips don’t look flaky in pictures.

6- Smile

At the end smile for a beautiful click. But not too big smile. A soft smile is enough to stay photogenic in pictures.

All these makeup tips will help you to stand the best in every picture taken. Just follow our guide and do everything as quoted. You don’t need to retake pictures several times to get the best one. Using makeup can easily make you photogenic. But applying proper amount and shades only can help you in being photogenic. If you apply too much makeup, it will look more artificial and cakey edited pictures rather than look a natural one.

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