An Insight into Upcoming Exhibition CosmoProf Worldwide Bologna 2018

Although it is my first time writing about a beauty exhibition but it is an immense pleasure to be contacted by representatives from a b...

CosmoProf Worldwide Bologna 2018

Although it is my first time writing about a beauty exhibition but it is an immense pleasure to be contacted by representatives from a big organization in the beauty industry. This article is particularly focused on one of the famous beauty and cosmetics exhibitions that takes place every year in Italy.

The CosmoProf Worldwide Bologna 2018, is going to take in March 2018 in Italy. It is going to be a three-day event starting from 16 – 19th March and will be held at Bologna Fiere S.P.A. in Bologna, Italy. This grand exhibition happens every year in which more than thousands of cosmetic, and beauty manufacturers, suppliers, and other professional business dealers participate, and gather to display their products and build up long lasting business relationships.

Aim of Exhibition

Every business grow when there product or service is exposed to large amount of people; be it consumers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, suppliers, or B2B platform runners. The product is displayed, the more attention it gains, and thus the cycle moves for increasing business sales, and exposures.

With respect to this motive in mind, CosmoProf 2018 is going to be a platform where a lot of essential items are going to be exhibited. Some of these are about Makeup, Hairdressing, Spa, Health, Nail Care, Wellness, Perfumery, Fragrances, Beauty, and personal care. The CosmoProf exhibition is a worldwide event for all professional beauty companies and enterprises, and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry to showcase their products to a much wider audience.

What is the Significance of this CosmoProf Worldwide Bologna?

The CosmoProf Worldwide Bologna has been the top 360° worldwide event from the last five decades, for the professional beauty enterprises, as well as for an international platforms belonging to cosmetic and wellness industry. This time, the exhibition is going to hit the place with an aim at facilitating all networking and business opportunities for retailers, companies, and professionals visiting the show.
They will get an opportunity to create a customized fair to meet the specific needs of each sector, both from the perspective of exhibitors and attendees.

Exhibition Attendees

There would be around 2500 exhibiting companies, 25000 attendees including renowned international cosmetics brands like: Revlon, Nars, Maybeliine, a few multiple B2B brands like Alibaba, eWorldTrade, Europages, a few B2C Platforms like Amazon, eBay and some other elite business brands. Besides, there would be media, journalists, and bloggers too, who would like to cover the event, and will present it to their readers and audience to enlighten them about this biggest exhibition fair. This prestige get together with experts and business segments can bring about leap forward of restorative and excellence organizations around the world. Aside from proficient participants, there would be other tip top identities and brands too, who will result in these present circumstances occasion and will learn a lot about the exhibition.

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