3 Ways to Improve Homemade Jewelry Sales Online

Selling jewelry alone is quite tough and when you bring “homemade” into the equation, it gets even harder. But the Internet is a smart an...

3 Ways to Improve Homemade Jewelry Sales Online

Selling jewelry alone is quite tough and when you bring “homemade” into the equation, it gets even harder. But the Internet is a smart and easy way to market your jewelry online, and maximize the number of people you’re reaching which pretty much means that you get a higher ROI.

Now, in our world today, you can see how much time we spend on the Internet. Most of our decisions are also governed or in one way or another are affected by what we see online. This goes for the products we buy, our mood, and even thinks like what you’re going to cook for dinner later today.

So, who’s to say that you can’t use all of this Internet power to your advantage and market your homemade jewelry to billions around the world? But it’s no child’s play and you need to absolutely have an idea of what you’re doing or else, you’re just going to be throwing a bunch of your hard earned money around and nobody wants that.

Social media is the most powerful online tool for advertising jewelry. More than half of all internet users spend time on social websites rather than surfing for something else. The social web today has more power than ever before, which attracts people's attention and influences purchase decision making. This can easily be proven by this research conducted by professors from the University of Maryland.

Yes, it’s a competitive business to get into but not impossible and with the right knowledge, skill and a little bit of time in the field, you can surely get the hang of it. But for now, here are 3 ways to improve your homemade jewelry sales with the Internet. Or if it’s your first time here, you can click here to learn HOW to sell your jewelry online.

1. Social Networking

Social networking helps you connect with people from all around the world. And not just people, brans too. You can be sitting in the USA and order something directly from the Middle East or another country that wouldn’t traditionally be available to you for shopping. As a business, this is of great advantage since you can now also post advertisements and hold campaigns on social platforms. Businesses get a chance to widen their target audience, and make their brand visible to people that could never have known them otherwise.

And some of these websites have been quite successful. You could either go the Facbook, Twitter or Instagram route, or you can opt for Artfire, Etsy, eBay, Amazon and other such platforms that allow you to buy and sell products with full control to the entire world. On social platforms, you can create a page for your website and market your products on there and then you could always add a link to your online marketplace, Etsy, eBay or wherever you have an account through where your customers can buy your products!

2. Creating Your Own Website

Come on, this shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone. Although yes, in 2016 Forbes mentioned that customers buy more in store than online, I think it’s safe to say that trends are changing and fast.

And even if they aren’t, about 82% of customers do research online before they go on to buying products, especially bigger purchases.  And having a website for your business or homemade jewelry of course helps add to its credibility and allows people a place completely customized to your brand where they can view whatever jewelry it is that you’re selling. Also, don’t forget, you can put a lot of information on your website that could attract more customers and let people know a little about yourself because that always helps with building a relationship with your customers and ensuring that they are turned into long-term clients.

If optimized correctly, a website also gives you a higher chance of appearing in the top search results whenever someone searches for homemade jewelry or whatever product it is that you’re selling. With a website, you don’t have to worry about membership fees or giving anyone a percentage of your sales profit. Once you’ve build yourself a solid base, building a website is the next thing to do! Or if you happen to be a good marketing, skip right to it.

3. Attractive Products, Displays and Pictures

The photograph is worth a 1000 words indeed. When you look at online shopping, you have to keep in mind that your customers are only going to go off of the picture you give them and not by how the product looks in real life, how it feels and how good of a quality it really is. And sadly, this means that even if your products are the best in the world, if they don’t look high quality in the pictures, they probably aren’t going to attract many customers which isn’t good for you or your business.

An important part of making your jewelry look good is to make sure that it is displayed properly. You need a proper background and setup to place your jewelry on before you begin putting it up on your website or even just photographing it. Aesthetic value is very important nowadays so don’t expect tons of customers if your product doesn’t even look good to you in pictures.

And next you have how you take the pictures. Lighting is important too and calling in a professional is the best you could do to again make everything look a lot more professional, and less like a scam or someone who doesn’t take their business seriously. You need to spend a bit of time, money and sweat into it at first but eventually, it’ll pay off in a way that you couldn’t even have imagined and you pretty much give success a definite path to come to you!

The digital world has grown tremendously and will keep growing even further in the coming years. Its best you jump on the bandwagon now and catch up to all the trends before it’s too late.

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