10 Things Your Dermatologist Wants You to Know

Healthy skin means healthy you. Adam Mamelak, MD from Sanova Dermatology, says, “Keeping your skin healthy is just like keeping the rest...

10 Things Your Dermatologist Wants You to Know

Healthy skin means healthy you. Adam Mamelak, MD from Sanova Dermatology, says, “Keeping your skin healthy is just like keeping the rest of you healthy.” Dermatologists are doctors that work with a specific branch of medicine: dermatology, which is the study of skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists can help us with all our minor skin issues to real diseases we may come across. But there are few key pieces of advice and suggestions every dermatologist wants us to know. We have listed for you the most important ones to remember and ensure healthy skin.

Sun Protection

Sun gives off UV rays that are highly dangerous for our skin. UV rays are responsible for most cases of skin cancer and cause severe sunburn. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. Although Sun rays are the most significant source of vitamin D,.which is needed for healthy bones but reveal your skin to the sun only for a calculated amount of time.  It is essential to use sunscreen to protect the delicate layer covering our body from the harsh exposure to the sun. Sunscreens must not only be applied when you are out in the sun, but it’s crucial to keep your skin protected from heat like that of the kitchen.

Healthy intake

A balanced diet and drinking lots of water are the fundamental steps to the cure of any skin problem or disease. Fruits and green vegetables are an essential part of a person’s diet; they provide us with the nutrients and vitamins that are very important for the health of our skin. Iron, Calcium, potassium, fruits, and vegetables are the source of all these essential elements. Avoid sugary food since they are most likely to cause inflammation. It is advised to drink about 20 glasses of water each day. Dehydrated skin starts showing signs of aging and makes the person look older so water hydrates skin cells, which then does not let wrinkles appear on the skin.

Adequate sleep   

Our skin regenerates while we are sleeping. Skin needs time to recover from the harshness it faces all through the day, exposed to sun, dust, and pollution. It is our duty to provide it with this time at night, by sleeping for the adequate amount every person should. A long and peaceful sleep means better and more time for our skin to kill the dead cells and repair itself.

Exercise regularly

We often fail to realize the importance of exercise in our daily routine. Exercising is not only crucial in burning calories, but it’s a significant step in daily skin care. Our skin needs a stable blood circulation system which keeps the blood running in the blood vessels of our skin, and working out releases adrenaline which increases the rate of blood flow. This running of blood causes lymphatic drainage and brings blood to the surface which is essential for the skin from time to time.

Keep it natural

Use of makeup is widespread in this day and age. Layers and layers of different products are applied before a person feels satisfied to take themselves in the out. We feel beautiful and confident but what we don’t know is that cosmetic products can only provide with temporary beauty. All the powder that we apply on our skin fills the pores of our skin and makes it difficult for the skin to breathe. It is necessary for oxygen to reach all seven layers of skin, which is why it is strictly advised to wash off makeup before you sleep so your skin can grow in its natural form.

Examine your skin

Skin is known as the gateway to the insides of our body. Signs of most of the internal disease appear on the skin, watch your skin closely, and examine every little change you detect, note down all the signs and symptoms and see a doctor/dermatologist whenever unsure of anything. Unhealthy skin can mean unhealthy you, never ignore what your skin is trying to tell you. Pimples, marks, moles, etc. are not ordinary if they suddenly start showing, get them treated as soon as possible. 


We use plenty of products on our skin, to wash, to cleanse it,  to moisturize it or just to temporarily decorate it, but how much time do we put in finding the right product for our skin? It is important to understand your skin type entirely and then buy products that suit your skin type only. We are attracted to different brands and products due to many reasons like their advertisement, celebrity endorsement, their scents or colorful packaging, but none of these factors are or should be reason enough for us to buy those products. It is advised by all dermatologists that we choose products for our self after extensive study and investigation.

Make skin care, your daily routine

Taking care of our skin should be among our priorities, it should be part of our everyday routine. We often tend to awaken after a long time and take a treatment or cleanse our face and then take a break for another long time. This irregularity does not help in preventing skin issues, maintenance of our skin, in every way possible, should become a part of our daily routine. Cleanse your face in every 3 4 days, should take facial at least once in two weeks, use a fruit mask almost daily. This however, still depends on your skin type and carry our every step according to your skin and its requirements.

Avoid ‘too’ much care

Although it Is advised to make skin care treatments and processes a routine, there such a thing as “too much care.” Cleanse your skin, scrub or exfoliate it but it is a calculated amount. Just as much as all of these help in achieving a glowing skin, over the use of skin care products can damage the skin. Do not scrub or exfoliate your skin daily, it causes breakage and makes skin dry. It is, this why, suggested to take a professional’s opinion on the amount and the type of product one must use.

Trust your Doctor

Lastly, trust the doctor you are seeking. Once you’ve started treatment from one place, finish it. Results may take time to appear, do not keep unnatural or unrealistic expectations. Dermatologists are educated specialists trying to cure you and not magicians that may provide you with a change overnight. Do not hop from one doctor to another that doesn’t help, and sometimes the treatments may clash, not curing but worsening the situation. And always remember to never lie to your doctor, don’t be embarrassed to share even the most intimate details of your problem or your habit, you don’t know what piece of information may prove vital in the long run.

Skin is not an organ you can or should neglect. We have been emphasizing the fact that, skin care is crucial for every person, be it a man or a woman, throughout this article. We hope these tips will help you lead a healthy life. Always listen to your dermatologist!

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