9 Health Benefits You Should Enjoy from Foot Pedicure

Cosmetic and therapeutic gains are the main reasons why most people especially women desire a pedicure. However, there are various heal...

Health Benefits You Should Enjoy from Foot Pedicure

Cosmetic and therapeutic gains are the main reasons why most people especially women desire a pedicure. However, there are various health benefits that come with foot pedicure, starting from skin care to blood circulation. In this article, I will be unleashing the health benefits of foot pedicure and why it is necessary as part of our beauty regimen.


What is a Pedicure 

A pedicure is a therapeutic and cosmetic treatment for the feet and toenails. It involves cleaning, polishing, and massage of the feet and toenails. 

What are the Different Types of Pedicures? 

Most of us will be comfortable with the basic pedicure that we seek, but for sure, there are whole varieties of pedicures out there. Depending on how the pedicure is done, we get to know what type it is. It is important to know the different types of pedicures and which suits your occasion best. 

1. Aesthetic Beauty 

Having well-groomed and polished toe nails makes your feet look pretty, especially when you wear open shoes. Apart from the aesthetic beauty, that pedicure portrays, clean and good looking feet is a sign of responsibility, care, and good health. With well-groomed and beautiful feet you feel much confident when meeting new people. 

2. Healthy skin 

In your day to day activities, your feet are exposed to dirt and skin contaminants which result in dry and cracked skin. Not forgetting that pedicure involves thorough cleaning and little scrubbing of feet, it gets rid of the dead and dry skin. Pedicure also help exfoliate the dead skin leaving your feet healthy and smooth. Say no to dry and cracked skin by getting a pedicure. 

3. Remove Calluses and Corns 

Due to constant friction and pressure, your feet might suffer from calluses and corns. Apart from calluses being painful and uncomfortable, they can cause other problems like feet infections and complications. Taking a pedicure helps a great deal in getting rid of the calluses and corns. If the calluses are a result of other health conditions like diabetes, it is advisable to get advice from the doctor before having them removed. 

4. Nail Health 

The pedicure culture allows you to know the normal conditions of your toenails and incase of any signs of nail diseases; a pedicure will be the first to shout out. Let’s say for instance your nail gets a fungal infection, your pedicurist will be the first one to discover. For this reason, it is always advisable to have a pedicure regularly and done by one person all through. 

5. Mental Relaxation 

A gentle massage on any part of your body indirectly improves your mental state because of the resulting relaxation therapy. Foot massage releases tension and emotions from your body giving you an honored relaxation and improved mental state thus decreasing the stress and anxiety levels. Treating your feet right with a pedicure can be of great value to your health.

6. Improves Blood Flow 

For healthy functioning and detoxification, our bodies need proper blood circulation. The lymph nodes in our bodies get rid of toxins through blood flow. A leg and foot massage stimulate the flow of blood which in turn aids the lymph nodes in the detoxifying the body. 

7. Feet Relaxation 

Pedicure includes a gentle massage which helps to release tension from feet muscles and joints. Well-rejuvenated and relaxed feet is what pedicure offers. Also, relaxed feet mean a happy and healthy foot. 

8. Get Rid of Cuticles

 Cuticles make our feet look dry and untidy, especially the overgrown ones. After doing the cuticles, now the nail polish can have its way. A pedicure is an ultimate solution to the stubborn cuticles. 

9. Different Colors 

Even without any painting, your feet will look good and beautiful after a pedicure. Now imagine what colors can do to your well-groomed nails, it will leave them adorable! Pedicure does not only give room for nail polish but also enables you to play with different nail polish colors. 

Final Verdict 

Having discussed the health benefits of foot pedicure, you now have all the reasons to crave for one. Go ahead and visit your pedicurist and discover these health benefits.

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