10 Hot Summer Hairstyles for Women

Summer has finally arrived and cleared the skies of the dreary rain clouds. On the beach, in the club or relaxing on a bench in the park...

Summer Hairstyles for Women

Summer has finally arrived and cleared the skies of the dreary rain clouds. On the beach, in the club or relaxing on a bench in the park, a woman always has to look her best. Beyond the proper attire, you need to get the best hairstyle to complete your summer look.

Either for short or for long hair, this summer’s hairstyles represent a wide variety of choices, shapes and colors. Sexy, stylish, daring or alluring, they empower you and make you feel as you should – strong and gorgeous. Here are 10 of summer’s hottest hairstyles for women.

1. The Undercut

women's undercut hairstyle

The undercut is a hairstyle that looks good on both men and women. If you have a slim, worked-out summer physique, you have even more reasons to choose this style. Preferred by professional hairstylist, movie stars and music icons such as Rihanna, the undercut is certainly a style that is in, screaming both confidence and sex appeal.

2. The Messy Pixie

messy pixie women hairstyle

Short and lively, the pixie hairstyle can come in many variations. Adding the messy dimension doesn’t change too much of the original style, yet it can freshen the look entirely. Playful yet mature, this hairstyle creates a feminine look of beauty and strength, exemplified here by actress Morena Baccarin. The pixie cut puts the focus on the face entirely, bringing attention to any feature it may hold.

3. The Thick Waves

thick wave women hairstyle

Germany’s Lena Meyer Landrut opted for a longer hairstyle enriched with thick wavy curls, hence the name. Bringing special attention to the cheekbones and framing longer faces, the curls can complete your appearance without too much effort. Simple and cute, you can match this hair with some glasses and get the bookworm look that guys fall for so often.

4. Overgrown Cut

overgrown hairstyle for women

This hairstyle presupposes a longer length of your hair and looks especially good with long dirty blonde hair. With a few rebellious strings on the sides and back an inch longer than the rest, the overgrown cut will give you the femme fatale appearance, together with a dreamingly sweet smile on your face. Although longer, this kind of hair requires frequent visits to the hairstylist, but potentates your natural attraction drastically.

5. Center Plat

center plat women hairstyle

Another hairstyle for blondes is the center plat. With straight down hair of a lighter color, this style brings out your face and centers it for the beholder. It ensures that you will receive the full extent of someone’s attention whenever you want it as it gives off power and dominance. Position and authority don’t have to come with esthetic costs and the center plat hairstyle demonstrates it. Jennifer Aniston has been a prime exponent of this style for years and her place on the red carpet has never worn out.

6. The Side Turn

women's side turn hairstyle

Feminine and seductive, the side turn is a classic choice for women. If you have a round face and full lips, this hairstyle was meant for you. Taking attention away from your cheeks, it brings the eye to focus on the lips and eyes. Domineering in business and engaging in personal life, you will command respect and break the hearts of the opposite sex at the same time.

7. Layered Cut

layered women haircut

Modern and artsy, the layered cut is the perfect answer to boring straight hair. Cleanly shaved in the back and carefully cut in the front and sides, this hairstyle is for the more daring among women.

8. Wavy Top

wavy top women hairstyle

Wild and natural, the wavy top gives you a seductive ice-queen glance that grips the hearts of men. Boyish and rough-looking, this feisty hairstyle will make you into a unique appearance and the subject of chatter. It goes together well with tight clothes. Dark colors will also lighten your skin and highlight your face.

9. Curled Fringes and Bangs

curled fringes and bangs women hairstyle

Coupling youthful, androgynous bangs with rich curled fringes, this hairstyle is a novel mixture that will turn all eyes on you in this summer. For slim and tall figures, the curled fringes will frame your face and neck beautifully. At the same time, the frizzy sides and short bangs remind of Marylin Monroe and her type of feminine allure.

10. Bob Cut

bob cut women hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence’s bob cut is iconic. Feminine and sporty, her chin-length hair is versatile and face-brightening. As Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence turned the bob into a popular look for girls and women everywhere. Fuzzy on the side and straight up the middle, her hairstyle goes together with her full face and soft lips.

These 10 unique hairstyles each have their points of focus, fitted to certain kinds of bodies and types of hair. However, each of them will turn heads for you during this summer. The choice of actresses and starlets used to the lime light, these hairstyles have been trialed and tested by professionals and the public eye. The result is a glistening and feminine beauty to be gazed upon by all others.

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Angela MacKay is a fashion enthusiast and hairstyle blogger. She found her passion for hairstyles from pop-culture, especially from 80s and 90s movies. She enrolled and graduated from various beauty workshops and her goal is to open her own salon in Los Angeles.

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