DIY Simple & Cheap Citrus Body Scrub

I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself projects. I love the satisfaction of making something instead of being dependent on a store for it, and ...

DIY homemade sugar & lemon body scrub

I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself projects. I love the satisfaction of making something instead of being dependent on a store for it, and the money I always end up saving isn’t so bad either. Whether it’s baking my own bread in a dutch oven or making my own espresso at home instead of running to Starbucks, there is nothing quite like knowing that you did it yourself.

One of the things I enjoy making the most are DIY beauty products, especially because when you craft them, you have total control over what goes into it. Considering the skin is the largest organ you have, and it absorbs much of what it comes into contact with, I like knowing that the ingredients that make up my skincare products are organic, fresh and for the most part locally sourced.

Today I’m going to go over one of my favorites: The DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub! The citrus and sugars leave your skin to feel super clean and firm, and you’ll love knowing that you made it with your own two hands. These also make an awesome gift and are just beautiful when filled in a glass mason jar.

So let's get started!

Here is what you are going to need:

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cups organic coconut oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • 8 oz. mason jar

Step 1: Place your cup of sugar into a medium mixing bowl.
homemade sugar scrub

Step 2: Measure out the coconut oil and mix it in with the sugar until the consistency changes into something that’s airy and almost fluffy. If you happen to be allergic to coconut oil, don’t worry, as there are plenty of substitutions that will work just as well. I have made this same scrub by subbing out coconut oil for grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. They all work great and produce a fantastic, vibrant smelling product.
homemade sugar body scrub

The reason that I prefer coconut oil for this particular scrub is that I really like the distinctive, sweet coconut smell it has and because at room temperature it firms up nicely. Also, coconut oil has an extensive list of skin benefits, too.

Step 3: Once the sugar and oil are properly mixed, slowly add in your essential lemon oil while continuing to stir gently. It depends on the strength of the oil, but generally, I use about 15 drops. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, so just add it in drop by drop and take it from there. Remember, you can always add more, but can’t take it out once it’s in. Again, you can use any oil that you like or have on hand, but just make sure that whatever you choose is appropriate for topical use. A quick Google search can help you out here.

Step 4: Take your finished scrub and fill a small to medium (I use 8 oz.) mason jar with it. It’s important to wash the jar right before filling to make sure it’s super clean, but you also don’t want to leave any drops of water in it all, so dry it thoroughly.
DIY sugar body scrub

When it comes time to use your lemon scrub, scoop out a small amount (about a spoonful should do the trick), and work it into your hands like you would hand soap. Leaving a little on your hands, you can then apply it to any body part you like, thoroughly rubbing it in and using the sugar crystals to exfoliate your skin gently. After just wash it off with cool water and enjoy you smooth and wonderful smelling skin!

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