The Summer Skincare Guide Every Bride Needs to Read

It is not a surprise that on every wedding all eyes are usually fixed on newlyweds, especially on the bride. Her happiness and the inner...

Skincare Guide for Every Bride

It is not a surprise that on every wedding all eyes are usually fixed on newlyweds, especially on the bride. Her happiness and the inner glow will surely make her feel and look beautiful, but her external appearance is also imperative for the complete impression. Everything should be flawless for the big day.

If you are a bride-to-be, you are probably thinking about the wedding dress, matching shoes and complementary accessories. However, if you want to look fresh and healthy, don’t forget that skincare is fundamental for perfect appearance.

Achieving and Preserving well-cared for, and glowing skin can be a challenge sometimes, but if you start preparing on time and follow this advice, you will see that it is not too hard to ensure the perfection.

Beauty treatments

A wedding is a perfect excuse to spoil yourself a little. Spend a day in the spa: book facials, massages, peelings and other body treatments in advance, to make sure you will look healthy, relaxed and refreshed for your wedding day.

  • A good skincare is based on quality beauty products. The wedding preparation is not the best time to experiment with new ones. It is recommended to stick to verified and specialized cosmetic brands, like Clarins. A good tip is to keep your skin care products somewhere cold, like a refrigerator. Their low temperature will keep your skin calm and smooth.
  • If it is necessary, consider some of the dermatological face treatments, like the Intensif RF Microneedle treatment, which is good for reducing wrinkles and solving pigmentation, pores, and acne scarring problems, or the EndyMed 3DEEP skin-tightening treatment, which will make your skin smoother and refreshed.
  • The skin glow is beautiful and welcomed, but not the oily one. If you have greasy skin, you should resolve this problem on time. It can be easily controlled with a routine of cleaning and application of an oil-free moisturizer every day, and the suitable face masks every other day.
  • Your hands will be in a special focus on the big day, so take good care of your hands and nails. Try a scrub with olive oil and sugar and apply almond oil on daily basis – it will make your nails stronger and hands softer.
  • Somehow, brides (and women generally) often forget to take care of their elbows. Considering you do not want to have dry and rough elbows while walking down the altar, don’t be one of them and do something about that. For softer elbows try a bath with Epsom salt and sodium bicarbonate combined with a moisturizing cream.

Be careful what you eat 

Healthy nutrition and hydration are essential for your metabolism and affect on your skin. Too much dairy and sweets can cause acne breakouts, so, in order to prevent them, avoid eating these groceries. No matter of your skin type, your body needs a lot of water. Besides drinking it, consume more of naturally hydrated foods, like citrus fruits, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes or kale.

A fair advice would be to avoid any food you have not eaten before, in case you get an allergic reaction. If you have not tried it until now, you can wait a little more, at least until the honeymoon is over.

Get some tan

Every outfit looks better on tanned skin, especially a wedding dress, so consider getting some tan. Sunbathing has a risk of causing sunburns, and you surely don’t want your skin to peel on your wedding day. Try a self-tanning mousse instead. You can apply it uniformly and save yourself from tan lines that can ruin your wedding photos.

For a completely fresh look, try sleeping at least 7 or 8 hours per night and to lower your stress to a minimum; or at least, as much as the wedding organization allows it.

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